Heaven #2773 Hurray for the World

The way plants grow through the crust of the soil and appear, just like that a new world is going to burst forth. This is a long-awaited-for event, and now the spring of the world has come.

You, My beloveds, are the preceptors of this new world. You wanted it. You thought of it. You pictured it. You felt it. Your thoughts are pulling on Our submerged world like a strong magnet. Based on your thoughts, the world can only burst forth through the surface of life and reveal itself for the Heaven it is.

It is like you are pulling out a car stuck in the mud. You play it smart. You attach a farmer's horse to the car with a strong rope, and the horse pulls the car out of the mud. Your thoughts are like the horse. The horse is solid and one-pointed. It pulls in one direction. The horse does not go back and forth. He knows what he is doing, and he does it. The horse does not give up. He doesn't resist. He doesn't complain. He simply moves forward and rescues the car.

The world has been stuck, and you are pulling it out. It is easy for your thoughts to do this. It is your thoughts that champion the world. Your thoughts are the factor. Your attitude is the factor. Your love for the world as it is and is yet to become are the factors. Give the world your courage and your vision. Don't let anything stop you.

Beloveds, your thoughts are so powerful you can keep the world in the mud. Your thoughts are so powerful, you can pull the world out of the mud. Your thoughts can do anything. What do you want? Let your thoughts go for it. Conceive the world you want and keep conceiving it. By virtue of your thoughts, you will usher in the new world of peace and good will. Your thoughts will set the course for the world. You will raise the Earth to its rightful place. The world is listening to you. It takes you seriously.

You are rooting for the Earth, and so you plant the seeds of your thoughts and allow the seeds to grow. It takes a little while before the seeds burst through the soil and can be seen as green seedlings. Give the seeds patience like water, and know that what you and I undertake can only come to pass. Not someday, but very soon, only you can't rush it. Just keep cheering the world on. Never mind any lapses. The world is moving forward and will adhere to your thoughts.

Stop worrying about the world. Worry will shrivel its growth. That's what concern and dismay and selfishness and greed and moaning and groaning have been doing. But now, no more. From now on, view the world as you desire it to be, and the world will obey.

The One World is ready to emerge. It is just at the cusp. Know that success is at hand. Before you can hold success in your hand, you have to hold it in your mind. That is really to say that you think it, know it, and let it go. You no long slap the world's knuckles. You do not paddle it. You don't ignore it, and you don't sneer at it. You believe in it. Believe in it as you have always wanted to believe in it. Not even once more do you throw darts at it. No longer do you join in close-lipped remarks about it.

If you have been in that crowd, now you get out and join Me in a silent revolution of commenting on all the good the world does. Never mind anything else. Hurray for the world!



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