Heaven #2774 When God Is at Your Side,

I say, "I AM." I say, "I am right here." I say, "I am always right here." I say, "You have Me always, beloveds."

Beloveds, you live in many worlds. It doesn't matter where your body is, and it doesn't matter where your mind is. I am totally absolutely right here with you. I am as near to you as your breath. We are so vital and vibrant to each other. We are the same breath. Who breathes your lungs in and out, you or I? Who can separate Us? Neither you nor I.

I have said before, and I will say again that the lines between Us get blurred. You don't always know who is Who, and I suggest: "What does it matter? We ARE. Let that be all you need to know. What more is there for you to know? What matter the details? What explanation or information do you need? Did you think there was something essential that you were missing? What can be missing when you have Me right at your side?

Beloveds, when you know how to drive a car, what do you have to know about the chassis? There may be interesting information, yet how does this information impact your driving? How do the details help you drive? Beloveds, understand I am not for idle curiosity. I am not for curiosity at all.

Let Us say that I am like a friend of yours. We walk side by side, and I share my pocket with you. It is big. I have Infinite Wealth, and you are free to reach into My pocket at any time. You don't need My permission inasmuch as I offered you My Wealth long ago. Look, you can see my pocket has your name on it too. For what reason would you need to know the type of stitches on My pocket or whether the material is silk or burlap? All you need to know is that you can reach in any hour of the day or night and pull out all the wealth, and that there will always be more and my pocket never empty.

Yet sometimes you seem to think that My pocket is closed, or closed to you, or you do not quite dare to reach in.

Of course, sometimes I pour My coins into your hand. Sometimes I throw them ahead of you and on all sides of you. Sometimes more and more keeps coming. Even so, it is for you to reach in.

Sometimes you may think that others may have easy access to all My Wealth, but not you. Somehow the secrets to wealth have eluded you. The world will teach you the secrets: hard work, smart work, investments, sometimes even stealth, sometimes taking advantage, sometimes gaining and someone else losing. The world teaches you many things. They aren't necessarily true, or not necessarily useful to you. Sometimes a whole country has not found a way to wealth. I do know it is easier in the world for some and not others. Please do not construe what I am saying that you must have wealth, or that it is a lack in you or that you have to lack it. I do not point to lack, beloveds, nor do I want you to. I point to riches.

There are all kinds of riches, like health. Riches come in many sizes and shapes, like love and happiness and awareness.

You may have had riches all along. Have you not sometimes had a thing you forgot you had? Later you discover it, and say: "Why, I had this all along, only I forgot!"

What if I were to tell you, despite perceived circumstances, that you are wealthy now?



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