Heaven #2848 The Diamond of Free Will

The freedom you crave for yourself is the freedom you are to give others. What you want is yours to give. That's how it works. Here's the story, dear ones. The more you order other people's lives, the less freedom you have. Of course, you might say you are free to order others' lives. Sure, you are. Sure, you can. Sure, you have. Sure, you do. However, in ordering others' lives, beloveds, you chain your life to theirs. The prison guard is no more free than the one who is the prisoner. The teacher is as confined to the classroom as are the students who sit in their seats. The writer is confined to the page.

It is better to let freedom ring.

Moses said, "Let my people go." And so I say to you, "Let My people go."

Hands off, beloveds. Control is a great saboteur. The one who controls is just as bound as the one controlled.

I gave you Free Will gladly from My heart. It was natural for Me to give freedom. It was nothing special I did. I did not do it so I would be free, but I see now that freedom was Mine to give because I am an unbounded God Myself. I could not give you diamonds unless I had diamonds to give. And so I gave you the diamond of free will. So now you open your hand and give the diamond of free will to all others, not a selected few, but to all.

Keep no one as chattel in your mind. The jilted bride thinks that the erstwhile groom is obliged to continue to love her. She feels that he has broken a law, a law she made up. She does not own this man, though she would hold him on a leash. She cannot require love on demand. She has to free him to love where his heart freely wills. He has to be free to love, just as you have to be free to love, and she has to set him free. No one owes love, just as no one owns the air. At least, as yet, no one has presumed to own the air. It is not yet bottled and sold on the market.

And so love must be set free so it can be love. And so, if you love, you will set all hearts free. The only love that counts is the love that is free to alight where it wills.

Love is not a commodity, beloveds. It can't be bought. It can't be bossed. Love is a butterfly that chooses on which flower it will alight. You do not attempt to tell the butterfly on which blossom you want it to alight. I am sure you don't. Yet you don't bat an eye at insisting where another's heart must alight.

Beloveds, if you must hold onto love tight, you are restricting yourself. Ownership is not love. Love is not owned. Love is for all, and no one is under obligation. I love you because I love you. That's how it is. It is My choice to love you, and that is the choice I made and continue to make. I chose to love you. I chose to love Myself, although that was not really a choice. I chose to love you because there is no other choice for Me. I never debated it. My love was always there. We can say I couldn't help it. And yet that is My strength, that I love so freely and so clearly.


njh 11th September 2008 7:35 am

This story describes by their words, and I resonate with these words. I was free to love as I love, give as a 'too' generous person, because freedom was mine. Changing that course changes the freedom, like putting the butterfly in a cage and still expecting that butterfly to be as it was when it could fly with freedom. Still looking forward that butterfly caught in control of a cage, or by the confines of boundaries of limitations, (even though those limitations were basically understood all along) sends butterflies when released in different patterns, still confined by the retraining of the cage. However, as the butterfly flits around from flower to flower, finds the pattern of freedom again, and flits in other directions that the energies release to it. An a lesson learned is that perhaps that freedom from whence the control/boundaries are brought forth, was not freedom at all? but is what all butterflies seek.
njh 9/11/2008


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