Heaven #2850 You Are Divinity Walking around on Earth

Not one of you knows the extent to which you work for Me. None of you begins to know the service you give to Me and to the Universe. For all you know, you are lollygagging around in the world, lying on a raft in your swimming pool and drinking soda through a straw. It is amazing how little you know. Where you are is not who you are.

What you think and what is are often far apart. You are good at ignorance, beloveds. In fact, as wise as you may be in the eyes of the world, the more ignorant you may be. Do not feel that I am insulting you. I am simply saying that there is a lot you don't know, especially about yourself. You may see yourself as some object crawling on the earth when you are the subject of My heart. When I consider all that there is to see, you are almost blind. You may have the best eyesight in the world, and yet you are blind. You pull the wool over your own eyes. You slouch rather than stand tall.

In a sense, you are like the beggar on the street who wears dark glasses, stoops over like a beggar in a story who holds his hand out like a beggar, feigns blindness, and so blindness becomes his livelihood and a kind of protection from the world. His vision becomes selective. He chooses what he will not see. He chooses his role in life.

You can give up on ignorance, beloveds. You have believed your own pretense. You are astronomical at blocking your view of your value to Me and to yourself. You are the star of life, and you act the part of a mousy housemaid or valet. You who can move mountains see yourself as frail and unable to lift a finger. You have worked hard at being a beggar in life. You have put yourself in a false position.

If you see yourself as a derelict, you are mistaken.

If you see yourself as a criminal, you are mistaken. No matter how many crimes you may have committed, you are not a criminal. I did not create criminals. If you see yourself as a criminal, you are mistaken. Look at yourself from another angle.

If you are ill, you are mistaken. You are not illness. You may have a dread disease, but you are not any disease.

If you see yourself as an employer, you are mistaken. I don't care if you have a hundred people working for you who will do your bidding, you are not an employer.

If you see yourself as an employee, you are mistaken. I don't care how many paychecks you may have received, you are not an employee. Of course, you are in My employ, but that's different.

Merchant, chief, candlestick maker, you are not. You are not what you say. You are not what anyone says, unless they say you are a magnificent Being God has made.

Do not accept anyone's appraisal of you unless it equals Mine. Of course, I do not appraise. I know your value from the outset. I, above all, know Who You Are and What You Are Made Of. I made you! I made you from the same cloth I am. I am made from Love, and you are made from the same Love.

You are Divinity walking around on Earth. Your disguises are many, yet a disguise is not you. You may dress up as anything at all for a Masquerade Ball. You can be the wicked witch or you can be a man gone wild. You can be anything you want to pretend you are. And yet you are not what you pretend to be. So stop pretending.

Be the child I made. Think of something to do today to remind yourself Who you are.


sespeaker 18th September 2008 11:01 am

OMG!!! 8~)
This is just what I needed to hear! I love that God holds the highest vision of us and refuses to see anything else. Who else could do that? Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful beautiful Heaven Letter - I think I will add it to my favs and view it frequently. What a nice gift to all of us! Thank you Gloria and Thank you God.


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