Heaven #2855 There Are Myths about Love

What if you looked at dew on the grass and saw diamonds sparkling as poets do?

What if you saw trees as shady arbors or Jack-in-the-Beanstalk trees to climb?

What if you saw the sun shining and knew it was shining for you with all the love of Heaven?

What if you perceived that everything was for you, and everything was a gift from Heaven for you?

What if you saw beauty instead of whatever else you spend your days seeing?

What if you are My beloved child, the one I love with all My heart?

I have thrown jewels at your feet, and you have been too busy to notice, or too much in a hurry to bother to see what I have given you and what you really mean to Me.

It's true that once again you do not value yourself. Time and time again you think your worth is dependent upon what this one or that one thinks of you. You think someone outside you gives you your happiness. The man or woman who loved you once no longer holds you in the limelight, and you are sure you will never be happy again. How many times must I tell you that your happiness is dependent upon you, not anyone else. Do not endow others with powers that they do not have. No one gives you happiness. You opt for happiness. Certain conditions are met, and you decide that you will allow someone or another to make you happy. You turned the key to your heart. You said, "Now I can let love in."

I would take all the broken hearts strewn across the world and wrap them up in a brocade cloth, and blow My breath upon them, and heal them all, and then there will be no broken hearts left.

Sooner or later, beloveds, broken hearts heal. Do not be sorry they do. Do not be sorry that you get over heartbreak. Be sorry that you thought your happiness came from somewhere outside you. Now that you know your happiness is dependent upon you, let go of those restraints of thought you have had.

Because you really and deeply loved someone, doesn't mean that you have to bemoan his or her saying goodbye. It is a world idea that you have to suffer from it, as if suffering were a worthy occupation, as if the love in your heart is dependent upon the love in someone else's. That is a myth. And it is a worse myth that you buy that tells you that your mourning has to last a long time to equal the depth and extent of your love, as though, if you gave up suffering, you would belie your love.

And then there is the myth that for love to be true, the object of your love has to keep loving you all the days of your life. What about you, beloved? Keep the love in your heart intact regardless of what another does or doesn't do.

Keep your love alive, and hold no one to you. When someone wants to leave you, blow them a kiss goodbye. Everyone is entitled to live the life he or she wants, with or without you. It is no offense to you, so do not be offended. Beloveds, please stop sniffling over lost loves. There is no betrayal.

There are more broken hearts than I can count. Nevertheless, I pick them all up now, wrap them in cloth of brocade, and hold all hearts up to Mine. I fix them and return each heart to its rightful owner, your heart blessed, your heart happy and no longer torn up. There are no scars left. How could there be, when I hold your heart, and I hold it dear to Me?


Samuel H 25th September 2008 8:16 am


I resonate w/ this post very much on every level. I have felt and believed many of these things before but never have I heard someone state this with such clarity and truth.
Thank you for all the tingling on my arms and head. :)
I am very touched.

Samuel H.

Irena 25th September 2008 9:24 am

This is beautiful. Thank you, I will keep this and share this when appropriate. Thank you so much! Bless you too!

with Love,Irena :smitten:

Darlene 25th September 2008 1:12 pm

Thank-you! Very loving and good information. Don Miguel Ruiez's book on "Love" is a great tool; teaching one how to create and cook a kitchen (your heart) that is never without. Mani"feast"ing more love than you even need, so much that it spills forth...that feeds all your needs and then some...this article IS Heavenly! :angel:

Terry 25th September 2008 3:55 pm

Thank you. My child left me & my hearts been broken. Thank you for the comfort & the light.


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