Heaven #2862 Who Are the Angels That Surround God?

Do you see Me here? Do you see Me all around you? You know I do not come with fanfare. There are no parades for Me, no glittering costumes, no tubas, no amplifiers, no crowds lined up on the sidewalks, no police escort, no Shriner's, no baton-twirlers. No, I come quietly, and I come with no escorts but you, beloveds.

If you imagine Me surrounded by angels, imagine yourselves as the angels who surround Me.

In any case, I surround you on all sides. You may not hear the pitter-patter of My feet, and yet you can know I am here with you. I am here with you now, shining My light on you. Don't worry, you cannot get too much of Me. Whatever you may think of Me, or not think of Me, I am present, and I shine My light on you. It has always been so.

Now you are beginning to sense that which has always been so. A quiet God surrounds you like an aura. Do you feel Me now? Do you feel a warm Presence? Do you feel My adoration of you? Do you begin to feel a sweetness that you want to keep? All the sweetness is yours, beloveds. You do keep Me. You keep Me enchanted with you. I never want to leave. Do not be modest. Do not cover your face. I don't care who you think you are. I know Who you are. I know Who and What you are. As you get to know Me, you will now get to know yourself better. I will introduce you to yourself, and you will say, "How do you do." And We will make beautiful music together, you, yourself, and I.

You, yourself, will compose life. You will make up the world. You will make it anything you want to make it. Right now you can draw a picture of the world, and it will be so. So powerful are you yourself and with Me, of course. I am always included. This is the way it is. Soon enough, you will not see Me other than yourself.

Do not think that is disrespectful. I do not stand on ceremony. I do not stand on ego, beloveds, and you are about to get off yours.

What do you need ego for when you have Me? What do you need ego for when you are I? What more can you be than what you already are? And why would you be less? Why would you be less than divine? When you know your divinity, what do you think can possibly make you happier? What lack could you feel? What could you possibly desire more than the Wholeness that you already are?

If you had a whole cigarette, would you mash it up into little pieces?

Beloveds, what is wrong about knowing Who you are? What is wrong with being content to be a star in the firmament of God's eye?

Oh, beloveds, let Me not pour out My waters on deaf ears! Hear Me today. Hear My heart beat within yours. Our hearts beat in tandem. Bum de bum. Bum de bum, beats our One Heart. And what does your heart that is also Mine say? It says, "Love. Love is all. Love loves. I am a heart of gold and a heart of love that loves everywhere to a tempo of love. I know only love, and love is all I know. I am Love Supreme. What else is there but this love I am and always was and cannot be anything else but the love I am? I love."



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