Heaven #2903 Come Back to the Present

The distance that creeps up between you now and the past that you call time shows you how time and space are the same. Time creates distance, and space occupies time, and so on. All is One, beloveds, even in the temporal. There is differentiation, yet sameness. Time and space don't exist anyway, even though you think so. You think you would fall if there were no space, and that you might fall through time as well.

Let Us come back to the present.

The past is far away now. You have gone past it. And yet it was only a moment ago. And yet it has receded forever, except your mind hovers over the past, sometimes holding on to it for dear life. If the past were true, you would not have to hold on to it. Deep within you somewhere, you are aware that there is no such thing as the past, and so you hold on to what you call a passage of time when time, as well as the past, is nothing at all. A mere snap of the fingers.

You want everything to exist all at once. You want what you call past, present, and future, to all be one ball of wax. You want the past, present, and future to all be together now, and yet you have heard that there is only the present. All you can have is a bird in the hand. You have tried to bring the past into the present, and the future into the present, and now I tell you there is only Eternity. Eternity isn't really time as you know it, beloveds. Eternity is not a long stretched-out rope. Eternity is like a moment. That is how it is experienced. It is an eternal moment.

We might compare Eternity to a spark of fire. Eternity is a spark of light that never dims. Eternity has no beginning or end, or it could not be Eternity. So you cannot make Eternity into a time line.

Picture yourself the center of the Universe. We could say that Eternity is the light that radiates around you. You could see yourself as a dot in the center of a circle without a line of circumference completing the circle. That dot is Eternity, and it is the light of you that radiates out without demarcation. There is no end to this circle. There is no space, and there is no end to it. There is no time, and there is no end to it.

From light you came to Earth. You came to the dust of Earth, but you were not made of dust. Dust is old, and Eternity is young. Eternity is the Fountain of Youth so sought after.

In Eternity, there is no young, and there is no old, and therefore there is no aging. Aging is an illusion held in common. You don't have to believe in it.

You don't have to believe in anything. You can just be. To be is good enough. You are My Being, and My Being has been seen on Earth. I see My Being in you, and you, too, have glimpsed Our Being.

There are not even threads to hold the Universe of Being together, although We do speak of weaving. We could more realistically speak of threads of light weaving the Universe, light criss-crossing, even though light is Oneness as you and I, Who are made of light, are Oneness.

You have not really been scattered on Earth, beloveds. You have not been scattered anywhere. You have not been scattered at all. How can Oneness be scattered, for scattered means in little pieces, and you are Oneness, and you are Wholeness, and you are supreme.

Don't try to understand. Just let it be.



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