Heaven #2937 The Song You Play

You have believed in eternal contracts. There is something to that. You made promises to yourself, yet, here it is, these contracts do not have to be kept.

It is like this: You play a song on the jukebox. What? Is there something the matter when you choose to play a different song? You have the free will to play any song you like. Consider life the song you play.

Make the music you want to make.

You may have thought you made a contract with Me. All contracts you have made are with yourself. If you want to make a new contract, be My guest.

You have thought that contracts with the Universe are indelible. Only Truth is indelible. The relative world is made of fact and fiction. Fact is not Truth. It is a fact that fact is not Truth. When something is true only for a moment, it cannot exactly be counted as true. Truth does not keep changing. Truth does not grow the way Pinocchio's nose did. Your way to Truth, however, can change. Old contracts, if they exist, have to be changed. And if old contracts do not exist, you can pick any apple on the tree you want.

If you have, perchance, made a contract to suffer in a certain way, consider that you have fulfilled the contract. Because it was once written is no reason that it must continue. Besides, there are riders with every contract. World contracts do not last forever, and why should they?

We are not talking so much about your changing your mind. We are talking about your changing your life. Anyway, I keep telling you to change your thoughts, and what is that but changing your mind? As a matter of fact, I extol you to empty your mind. My word, your mind has been clogged up! Of course, it's time for a change.

If you are bound by limits, unbound yourself. What are you waiting for? Are you or are you not responsible for the way you live life and the way you see life and the way you find life?

You can change the music in a jukebox. You can change your career. You can move from one house to another. You can move from one country to another. Who says you must always live in the same house for the rest of your life? What kind of fool are you if you say everything must stay the way it is because you, bleary-eyed, wrote some kind of a contract, wrote it and signed it? How do you know you did anyway? Where is it? Show it to Me.

If it helps you any, I absolve you of all contracts. I am tearing them up right now.

If you wrote a contract to suffer, the contract is null and void. If you made a contract to struggle, you have been absolved of it. You get the idea. Beloveds, if I gave you free will, and I did give you free will, then what should hold you back?

If you have been a bricklayer, maybe now you want to be an architect.

If you have been saddened by the world, who is to say that you can't brighten up?

Who is to say that, if you have been carrying one load, that you cannot put it down? As a matter of fact, I insist. I say in no equivocal terms: If you do not like what you are carrying, put it down. You are not obliged to burden yourself. You have been set free.

Do not hold yourself to the past. Get out of it. Get out of self-imposed boundaries. Boundaries no more. Boundaries, no. Freedom, yes.


Lita 22nd February 2009 11:13 am

I loved this! Thanks so much :)

Melina 24th February 2009 3:02 pm

it is the first time i clap my hands for 5 minutes while reading an article!
it time we set ourselves free!!!

thank you Gloria!


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