Heaven #2963 What If You Loved?

What if you did love everyone? What if you did love every person on Earth just as they are? How would you feel? What would life be like?

What if everyone you know or meet is your father, or your brother, or son, or mother or sister or aunt or niece or grandchild? What if everyone you know or meet is the love of your life? What if you are so happy with all who come before you that you feel you are meeting them in Heaven where the angels are dancing?

Beloveds, what if you let go of all resistance? What if you did not brace yourself in life? What if you just loved, and resistance to love was a thing of the past?

What a gift you would be to the world! What a gift you would be!

I gave you to the world as a gift, and now I ask you to be the gift I gave. Step out of whatever has kept you from loving fully. Step away from what has kept you from opening your heart. Step away from any barriers that have kept your true sight from you. Tear away those old pictures you carry around with you. Let them fade in the sun.

You say you would love all if only you could. You say you would love all if only all were lovable. Remove that speck from your eye. Be clear-eyed, and you will love as you have never loved before. Be new-eyed. See as you have never seen before.

Your brother Christ loved all. This was not a huggy love. His love was such that he could love all because he had no barriers to love. He was himself walking along. He simply loved. Naturally, whatever and whoever came into his view did not change his love. Lepers and children, he loved all. Externals were not his guide. I was his Guide.

Do you think that Buddha discriminated and picked and chose whom he would cast his eye upon? He did not sort out his love.

Love and wisdom go hand in hand. You came to Earth will the same stock of love that all the Great Ones come with. I did not give them more. I did not give you less. That you compartmentalized your love was not My choice. It was yours. I never said to love only those who look just like you. I did not say to love only those who please you. Love your neighbor means to love everyone in the world, for all are your neighbors. All are your brethren. All are you. They are not even a heartbeat away. You are not a heartbeat away from yourself.

Would you not love all of My children? Would you despise even one child of Mine? Why would you not love? You say in all honesty that you would, you really would, only you don't. You say you draw back from this person or that with good reason or for no reason at all. Somehow, you say that your spine stiffens with this person or that. In fact, you tell me that there are very few people that your heart is at perfect ease with.

You have kept yourself a spindle of the banister of My love when you are the banister entire. When your heart is at ease with you, how easy it will be for you to love all the other seeming spindles that follow or precede you. Remember that you are Mine. Remember that you are the love of My life and the love of My heart, and everyone else is too. Remembering that, it will be easier for you to plain love.

Beloveds, will you love for Me today? Will you kindly let your love free so that it may roam at will and love all that your eyes alight on?



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