Heaven #3015 There Are Angels

There is an angel of love deep within you. This angel never falters. It flies high to stand on a platform of happiness. And this is the platform for you to stand on. I ask you to come from the same angle as your angel within. This angel is always present. No matter how hidden, how squelched, no matter how opposite-seeming, there is a winged angel within each heart, and that angel's wings and heart beat with love.

I do not try to convince you that this is true, for this angel of love is often not seen. It is not seen because your inner vision has been pasted over, beloveds. I do not demand that you see this angel. I do ask, however, that you acknowledge this angel of love so that it may indeed flourish within you. I understand that you do not always see this angel that soars in all hearts, and yet you have had glimpses of this universal angel of love that lives in your heart. It may be that it has been a long time since you had any idea of this angel's presence. But no matter, I ask you to consider the possibility that love is in your heart and that love is the very nature of your heart.

Imagine that what I say is true. Imagine that there is enough love within you to fuel the whole universe and all the hearts in it. Imagine that you come from a place of love. Even when you do not feel close to this place of love, imagine this angel of your heart spreading its wings. The next time you are impelled to answer someone sharply or walk off in a huff, graciously pause a moment and allow that angel within you to speak.

Now, beloveds, not all angels are flowery and sweet. Many are direct. This speaking angel of yours is not too good to be true, nor is this angel foreign to you. This angel soars so high that it would be absurd for it to speak in haste or speak sharply. This angel is not oblivious, and it does not capitulate. This angel sees that someone has stepped on your toes, either subtly or overtly, and this angel will address an issue for you, yet, unlike you, this angel is never inflamed. This angel of love in your heart has no temper.

How this angel can be unperturbed is because this angel knows it is eternal. Knowing this, this angel within you is always happy, never unhappy. This angel flies so swiftly in your heart that he or she dances to heights too high to receive any affront or disregard. It is beyond the sting of arrows.

This angel exists within you. You may be impatient, but this angel within you danced away from impatience long ago. Impatience cannot touch it. Offense is unknown to it. When you are ready to make a sharp retort, call on this angel of joy in your heart, and ask it to speak for you. When you feel you have to defend yourself, invite this angel to shoo away the fear within you. Fear within you is no angel, beloveds.

The angel of love within you is more powerful than any affront you have ever imagined. Please do admit that you have on more than one occasion been affronted when no affront existed. The angel of love works for you and meets itself in all the hearts you interact with. There are angels outside you, and there are angels within you, beloveds. There are angels.



ken 24th November 2009 7:06 am

Hello Gloria

How blessed I feel, on the other side of the World...to receive such a timely and loving message.

Love and Light to all.

mifasolasi 24th November 2009 5:42 pm

:thumbs: The right message at the right moment... I was feeling somehow... not angry.. but sad, disapointed .. :-[ and Thanks God, :angel: Gloria you came with this message... yes there are angels, :angel: I know it but somtimes when challenge comes you need to listen it again... Thank you so much...
Love :smitten:

Anantha 24th November 2009 6:54 pm

Yes, Thankyou!


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