Heaven #3055 Come to Know Yourself

When you feel anxiety-ridden, you have chosen to reprimand yourself for something. You reprimand yourself for an action or inaction. You always find reasons for the growth of your anxiety, yet anxiety is of your own making.

You say you want to be free of anxiety. Why then aren't you free of it?

Anxiety does not come to visit you of its own accord. You welcome it. You invite it. Somewhere within you, you have the idea that you need a penalty, a little or a lot, and so you nag yourself, and so you wage discontent with your self, and so you flagellate yourself under the guise of anxiety. Anxiety cannot travel by itself. It has to have a host. When you have anxiety, you can know you are the host of it. Anxiety is your guest by your invitation. This guest stays as long as you say. You are the determiner of your own anxiety. Anxiety is your baby. Anxiety doesn't come out of nowhere. It comes out of you.

You have a choice. Anxiety does not come to you unwittingly. It has your cooperation. Your anxiety is self-induced. It gains or loses weight according to the weight you put upon it. Anxiety is innocent. You think you are not, and so you aid and abet anxiety to you. You culture it. You are quick to find it.

Anxiety is not visited upon you. You visit anxiety. You hold it to you.

If you really want to be done with anxiety, be done with it. Invest in something else.

Invest in ease. Invest in blessing. Invest in confidence. You can be confident that your errors, to whatever extent they may or may not exist, are not irrefutable. By the time you recognize error, the error has already flown. Error has its own lifespan. Let error go. Do not give much thought to error. Error is a small thing. It doesn't warrant anxiety.

So what if you put too much salt into the soup. Add a potato. So what if you did not put enough salt into the soup? Add more. Do not stress yourself out about it.

By what justification do you become a builder of anxiety? Kick out anxiety. It doesn't rightfully belong to you. Anxiety is an interloper. Anxiety has no business being in your life. Anxiety belongs nowhere. Anxiety is not worth two cents.

But you, My beloveds, you are worth all the gold in the world and all the love of Heaven. Never again plague yourself with that ne'er-do-well anxiety. What a silly thing to do. It serves neither you nor Me. Anxiety merely serves itself.

Have a truer picture of yourself. Do not keep that old picture. Throw it out, and anxiety will run along with that old picture.

Unless your picture of yourself coincides with My picture of you, don't keep it. Throw out all the old perceived photos of yourself and stop taking them.

Get a new view-finder. Get a new appraisal of yourself. Get it from Me, for I know your worth and your worth to Me.

The antidote for anxiety is a new photo. Let Me take the picture. Let Me show you what I see. Accept the picture I give to you. I give you a holy picture. I give you a picture of your wholeness, and I call it My own. You are My own. I know what I created. And I ask you to know the same.

Let's face it. I know you better than you know yourself. When you allow anxiety, beloveds, you reveal that you do not know yourself at all.




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