Heaven #3068 You Are More Important Than Time

Go at the pace that is yours. Someone will tell you to hurry up. Someone else will tell you to slow down. I tell you to go at your own pace.

Time altogether is a great distracter in the world. Hurrying seems to be a factor in modern life. You are often rushing from one thing to another. I might ask you to slow down a little bit. Not really to slow down, but to follow your own inner pace. Everyone has an inherent rhythm of life, and it's best to let it be what it is.

What is the sense of your wishing one person to hurry and another to slow down? Are you the metronome of the Universe that you would try to make everyone dance to your tempo?

Let yourself be, and let others be.

The sun doesn't listen to you. It takes all the time it needs. The moon takes its own sweet time. Stars light up according to the rhythm of the Universe. Sun, moon, and stars don't shake you by the shoulder and tell you how fast or how slow to go. If it is time for you to get out of bed, the sun wakens you. It nudges you. The sun doesn't go out of its way, and it allows you to pull the covers back over your head if you want, and the sun keeps going on its own schedule. Of course, the sun isn't thinking of schedule or meeting a deadline. The sun just moseys along. The sun doesn't go fast, and it doesn't go slow. It goes just right, even when it's a different just right for summer and winter. How accepting of itself is the sun! And how accepting of yourself will you be.

Make peace with yourself. Come to terms. You are tall or you are short. You are what you are. Fast and slow are relative terms. To someone, you move quickly. To someone else, you move slowly. When you listen to everyone, not knowing whether you are fast or slow, you will make yourself edgy. What is the possible gain anyway in meeting someone else's expectations?

As for you, beloveds, neither be a pusher of quickness nor of slowness. Accept that others are on time, and that you are as well.

If someone zooms by, maybe it is right at this time. If someone dawdles, maybe that is right too.

Of course, it would be a lovely world if no one had to rush and no one had to slow down.

I suggest that you not hurry yourself and not slow yourself down. Move as you move, and rest when you rest. This is another way to say to just be. Be, beloveds.

You are not in the military where you must follow the pace that is set for you.

In life, what are you going to catch when you hurry, and what are you going to miss when you slow down? What are you hurrying for, and what are you slowing down for?

It seems to Me that you are to enjoy every moment of life, just to enjoy it. It is not a race you run nor do you have to wait for a signal before you can go forward. Easy now.

A horse does not always gallop. Nor does a horse always stomp in place. Anyway, you are not a horse. You are a free Being, and I ask you to be free from the timing outside you. You are more important than any running or slowing down.



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