Heaven #3142 A Kiss from the Universe

Everything is all right, and everything is going to come up roses. It has always been so, beloveds. Despite the direness you are acquainted with, this is the actuality.

Everything that occurs in life serves. How it serves may well be beyond your grasp. You may not see it that way at all.

When a beautiful rose wilts and withers, it goes to the ground and helps to nourish what will grow in its place the next year. You can mourn the passing of the rose, or you can think about the benefits the rose gave and gives and what further gifts will come from its existence and its seeming demise. It is very possible that this one rose will contribute to dozens more..

It is undeniable that a rose, every rose, no matter how beautiful, falls to the ground. It has its span, and a beautiful span it is. If roses lasted forever, they would not be roses. Is not their temporariness part of their charm? Are you going to choose a long-lasting artificial rose when there is a fresh one to pluck?. Why mourn, beloveds, the seeming end of the life cycle of a rose?

Is it not the ending of a rose as beautiful as the beginning? A beautiful rose is laid to rest, and essence of the rose continues. Rose-ness is forever. Why mourn the passing of that which is forever?

In Eternity, what is there to mourn? Only a certain point of view. Only attachment gives you cause for mourning. Love without attachment, beloveds. Love and appreciate and enjoy the rose while it blooms. When the rose ceases blooming, love it just the same. The most beautiful rose can only be a reflection of the love you hold it in.

Why mourn anything? Why mourn love, beloveds?

Love is more than a hop, skip, and jump. Love is a kind of rose. Love gets passed on and meets itself coming and going. Love is eternal. No matter how fragmented you may think love is, it is eternal. Love is definitely more than a passing fancy.

Look outside your window right now. Perhaps you see a fruit tree in bloom. Tomorrow the wind may sweep all the blossoms to the ground. In another cycle, a last-minute snow may cover all of the straggling blossoms. What does it matter? The tree blossomed. The blossoms were. The blossoms slid into your heart. Have they left your heart?

The blossoms were like a kiss from the Universe. Would you regret a kiss from the Universe? Would you rue a blossoming tree because it will not stay as it was? You were given a gift. Love the gift. Love the gift while you have it. Treasure it even when it is no longer apparent and let it go. The gift made a mark in your heart, and that mark is indelible.

Does it make no sense to you at all that a rose and blossoms bloom and do not stay blooming? Isn’t that what life is filled of, beloveds? Life is filled with roses and blossoms and promises that come true. They have been given, and they were given to you. Is this not cause for rejoicing?

Something is yours for a moment in Earth-terms. And what a moment it is! It is not at all that something is taken from you, beloveds. It was yours for a short-time only. Its brevity is not a secret kept from you. It is not a surprise. The very brevity is part of the gift, will you agree?



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