Heaven #3147 How Powerful Are Your Thoughts

The world has focused on problems, and now you will show the world to look higher. You know that you can look anywhere you want. And you know that whatever you attend to, you make it grow. Yes, your thoughts are like seeds. They are seed thoughts, and what you plant grows. It’s obvious. Plant daisies, and you get daisies. Are not thoughts like seeds?

Thoughts grow under all conditions. Thoughts are ripe for all seasons and all weather. Thoughts grow prolifically. They grow in the greenhouse of the mind.

Everything depends on your keeping your thoughts high. Water those seeds of thought that you want to grow, and let all the others ones go fallow.

What would you like to think about today? I didn’t say, What would you like to worry about today? I didn’t say, What would you like to regret today? No, I said, What would you like to think about today?

You have so many choices. It is all your choice.

Look up at the blue sky. Blue skies are good enough to think about. Think about the stars at night and rise up to them. Swim with them. Sparkle with them. Visit them. Extol them. Just to think that you live in a world populated with stars. What kind of wonder is this?

And the moon. Catch the moon in your heart. Hold it under your arm. Take it with you everywhere.

Think about looking into My eyes. That will keep you busy for a while.

What is less, think about less. What is more, think about more.

Truly, there is no end to what you can think about.

Think about children and the happiness they give.

Think about the glories of the world. Think of the beauty of deserts, and think about the beauty of forests and streams and the possibility of Me. Step right up.

Pretend you are the sun that serves the Universe. As the sun, what do you think about? What do you imagine the sun thinks as it stands still and the world pays homage to it? The sun stays in place, and yet it is the leader of the parade. And yet it is the sun that shines on all. How happy the sun must be.

Be happy like the sun. Think as the sun must think, and you will be happy. You will be very happy indeed. And the world will catch on to your happiness and make it its own.

Think of the world happy, yes, the very world you live in. Think of everyone going to work with joy, and coming home from work with joy.

Think of energy. Think of enlivenment. Think of Me. And think of you in My light. Think of what you mean to Me. Think of yourself as a gift to the world from Me, and be it. Be the gift. Be the gift I give. I gave you, and I still give you. I grabbed you from My heart and placed you in the Universe. I knew what to do with you. And now you are learning what to do with you.

Begin with your thoughts and strew them like flowers on every doorstep. Wake up to the world, beloveds, and wake up the world. As you go, so goes the world. The world is My gift to you, and you are My gift to the world. Can it get better than that?

Think, beloveds, think of all the blessings there are. There are infinite blessings in the world. Give them a hand up with your thoughts. Your thoughts are it, beloveds. How powerful are your thoughts.


olivia murillo 10th July 2009 11:22 am

Thank you Gloria for this words, is the same energy to think a less happy though than to think a very happy though, the results are different. At this moment I realize that back a year ago I knew in my heart that I needed to refresh my thoughts but I did not took a action plan, until a few months back a person from my past came into my life and I reflected on his words and actions, then I took a step back, relax and from the humidly of my heart I surrender to the Power of my Soul, now with new power loving thoughts and words I am living my life. I don´t know what is going to happen, but I am sure that the way I am felling right now is on a state of Love and Forgiveness. My Thoughts are my future and I want a future live surrounded with faith, love, joy,health and forgiveness.

Olivia Murillo
Rosarito, B.C. Mexico :angel:

MaryO 13th July 2009 2:00 am

Thank you for these beautiful words and the lesson therein.


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