Heaven #3165 All the Wonderful Things

What are all the wonderful things you can think of that you could do for yourself today? There are many wonderful things. Make your list. Let it flow, and then, when you are done with your list for now, with which one on your list will you begin? Is there a first or a second or a last? Or can you do all these wonderful things all together all at once?

Here are some of My suggestions, and, of course, beloveds, I know you feel unequal to some of these. If you cannot do them, just like that, then have the intention. That you would like to accomplish something is a very good start.

First, let go of all your cares and worries. They do not have to have a presence in your life now. They are left-over twitters of stress. Let Me assure you that you will not be adrift without them. You will do without them very well. Where did they accumulate from anyway? Now, tell your cares and worries to scat.

You are responsible for your joy, and so now call joy to you.

Do that which you like to do.

Do whatever you are obliged to do as well, and do it joyfully. Be a good sport.

If you would like to go to the beach, and you are at work and must stay at work, then find a picture of the beach to tide you over. Having the beach in mind takes you half way there.

If you really want to do nothing today, do what you are obliged to do as though it were easy, so easy that it is almost like doing nothing.

And when you can take a day off, take it off then and do nothing but what you feel like going at the moment.

And when you want to work, work. It is a favor from the Universe that you have work to do. Have you sometimes thought that having work to do was a disservice to you?

And when your work is not fulfilling for you, will you consider imagining Me, not high in the sky above you, but Me standing right beside you or sitting in a chair right beside you, helping you file or add numbers, hammer nails, or dig a well. Imagine that I am right there with you helping you make decisions, helping you ask good questions and helping you give good answers, helping you smile, helping you to feel energetic, helping you in all the ways imaginable. Beloveds, what will not be made easier for you when I am by your side? What is there you cannot do when I am right at your elbow, loving every minute of being with you, loving every expression on your face, loving you as you are, a Heavenly child on Earth, a Heavenly child who does all the things, lovely and unlovely, who repeats and repeats certain activities as you take care of all the mundane matters that children on Earth have before them to take care of.

If you have a lonely occupation, can you remain lonely with Me right beside you?

Please remember that I am God, and I am on your side. I am with you and for you. I relish you. I love you. I AM your Mother/Father God. There is never a moment that I am away from you. You have imagined untrue loneliness often enough. Now start imagining My true partnership with you. We are together at every twist and turn of life. It is true that we are together, and it is true that we can never be apart. Furthermore, it is My joy to be with you.

And now, will you be with Me and know what good companions We are?


bjparker 31st July 2009 4:17 pm

I cannot Thank-you enough for sharing your gifts with all of us...I feel peaceful when I intially read them, and it keeps me grounded when dealing with seemly impossible tasks. Your messages I really need right now and I want you to know how much your words mean to me...Thanks to God and you...My heart is full of gratitude for our many Blessings! :)


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