Heaven #3167 The Sun Doesn't Work at Shining

Naturally, everything that occurs or doesn't occur in life is important to you. The color of your hair is important, the length of it, that you look spiffy, the weather, what shoes you wear, what you eat, what you say, whether you catch the bus, whether the bread is wrapped or not, what time it is, what you remember and what you forget. Beloveds, what in the world does not matter to you?

Even though it is clear that world life is fleeting, everything matters to you. Even when you know something is insignificant, it matters to you. Every detail assumes huge importance to you. I wonder if you require feeling urgent, that even urgency is important to you. Hmm, I wonder, is sense of urgency perhaps a high you run on?

Like the wheels of a train, your mind goes clickety-click, clickety-clack: "I must do this, and I must do that. I must hurry up, or the sky will fall. Clickety-click, everything in my life must be important, or, clickety-clack, I will feel adrift. Feeling a need to hurry may be my anchor in life. I do not know how to live without feeling urgent about it."

Is that possibly why everything becomes important to you?

If you felt relief all the time in your life rather than the urgency you may presently feel, do you imagine that you wouldn't know how to handle it?

On vacations sometimes, although you have yearned for time off, you not know what to do with yourself. Whatever you are doing or not doing, wherever you are or are not, let go of your hold on life. Just ease up. Truly, you don't have to hold the reins so tight. You may not have to hold the reins at all. Perhaps you don't have to be so purposeful, beloveds.

I am not telling you to be idle, though you can do that too once in a while. Regardless, you can be at ease.

In the army, they say: "Attention." And then they say, "At ease." Even the army knows you can't always be on guard.

Yes, there is activity, and there is rest. What I am suggesting is that, even in activity, you can be at rest. Oh, My, wouldn't that be wonderful!

Seize the opportunity to be less tense, more easy-going. Easy does it, beloveds.

Be aware when you are hurrying. When you are hurrying, you are not relaxed.

You know I am not telling you to dawdle. I am telling you that there is no race you have to win. I am telling you that all is well. All is taken care of. Do your tasks to the best of your ability, and know that all is taken care of. Know that the sun doesn't work at shining. It shines.

And you who clean house and work at the computer and have to catch a train, take care to do that which is yours to do, and yet don't work so hard at it. I am not telling you to leave work undone. I am telling you to not waste so much energy in your fervor.

Where is the wisdom in getting out of breath? Perhaps you can accomplish more without rushing than you can accomplish with rushing.

I am not telling you to be the tortoise nor am I telling you to be the hare. I am telling you to become friends with life. Friendship with life is important. Tension isn't. All the tension isn't necessary, not at all.



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