Heaven #3216 What If You Did Not Doubt

On what ground do you dispute your magnificence? On what ground do you dispute your authenticity? What is so precious about doubting yourself, your life, and those around you?

What if you did not doubt? What if you were for once, doubtless instead of doubtful? What if, instead of downgrading yourself, you upgraded yourself? You upgrade your computer. Why not upgrade your evaluation of yourself? Isn't it time that you stopped examining your wrinkles in the mirror of glass and in the mirror of the world?

You do not need a facelift. You need to stop looking into a faulty mirror. Look at Me. Remember that you are a reflection of Me.

On what ground and by what right, do you consider your own devaluation of yourself realistic? Why would you give away My impression of you and latch on to what is only a rumor? There is one door called The Truth of You and another door called Poor Opinion. Have a little loyalty to yourself. You are not the dregs you see in your coffee cup. You are not dregs at all. Not in the least.

Beloveds, think more highly of yourself. I do not ask you to inflate yourself. I ask you to stop deflating yourself. You are a hundred-thousand times more than you grant yourself. There is a feast fit for a King before you. That is realistic.

You are free, beloveds. The shackles to remove are from your mind. Love your mind but not the tricks it plays. You who would not be taken in, have been taken in. Choose the door marked Truth now instead of the shimmering door called Folly. You have confused the two. You got your words mixed up. You labeled yourself, and so you libeled yourself. Have regard for yourself, and have regard for Me.

Whatever you may be thinking, you call your wayward thoughts fact. You call your poor opinions wisdom. You are the umpire of your life, and you say you have struck out. Of course, how you perceive is your immediate reality, yet umpires make mistakes. You have made a big one. You have not seen your light, and you have not accepted it. You have held on to your own version of you. Or the world's.

Step away from your perceived reality. Forget it. Step over it. There is Truth to involve yourself in instead. No longer deny the Truth I give to you. I do not lie. It is you who lies to yourself. You have gone out of your way to declare yourself as less than worthy. You have gone so far as to declare yourself unworthy. You have bought a wooden nickel, beloveds, and called it truth. You have pronounced yourself murky when you are light, beloveds, when you are My Light.

You cannot dim your light. You can, however, close your eyes to it. You have perhaps painted a dark picture. You have found yourself guilty of being less than you are, and you call that smart. Change your mind now. I am trying to tell you a thing or two.

Do you think that I am ignorant or misguided? Do you think I wear rose-colored glasses? It is you who uses a magnifying glass. Throw it away. Never mind these details you persist in reviewing.

I am telling you that you don't begin to know your worth. I am telling you to begin to know your worth. Let the sun peek through the clouds. You have clouded your thinking enough. You have been barking up the wrong tree.

Think of what I am saying to you. I am saying, "Lovely are you, the fruit of My vine."



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