Heaven #3222 Your Happiness

Happiness is not meant to be a chore. And, yet, sometimes it seems to be a weight to be happy. Sometimes happiness seems to be something you have to achieve, work at, commandeer.

The trick then is not to weigh happiness. The trick then is not to rank your happiness at all. Perhaps you can come to the place where you don't measure happiness, the place where you don't have to think happier or less happy or less unhappy. The trick is to serve and not think about how you feel at any particular moment.

Some days are hot, and some days are cold, and yet you are forever. Neither the heat nor the cold is the measure of you.

Some paths are rocky, and some paths are smooth. Sometimes you are on one terrain, and sometimes you are on another. Consider your spine as straight regardless of the terrain.

When you fall into a pit, you climb out. When you fall into a mood, climb out. What is happiness or unhappiness in the world but a mood? Regardless of your mood, there is a thread of pure happiness that runs through you, regardless of the weather and regardless of the terrain.

You do not take your temperature every day. You do not think every day: "Do I have a temperature or not?"

And yet, how many times do you ask yourself: "Am I happy today or not? Is life what I want it to be today?"

And when life is not what you deign it to be, you deem yourself unhappy. And when life is your cup of tea, you tell yourself you are happy. What if you can choose to be happy, or happy enough, even when the skies are gray and you didn't get the tea you wanted?

You are not a chameleon who must replicate the color of his surroundings.

Beloveds, you are a child of God. There is a higher climate for you to you go by than the one on Earth. In the higher climate, the heat does not have to be turned up for you, nor air-conditioning turned on.

Let there not be requirements for happiness. Do not be exclusive. Do not set the bar high. Temperature is not the basis of you. Whichever way the wind blows, it is incidental. Whichever way the wind blows, the wind is not meant to be an indicator of you. Your hair can be wind-blown, but not you, beloveds, not you.

There are not certain conditions that must be met before you agree to be happy. If you cannot agree to happiness under all conditions, then agree to be happy enough. Accept happiness as your share. Even bedraggled, you can know happiness. You don't have to limp.

In the world, happiness is relative. There you are. Well, then, regardless of the world and its temperatures and events and regardless of your personal world and temperature and events, accept the happiness I give you. It is Mine to give, and yours to accept.

Accept happiness generously. Instead of saying, "What, that's all?", instead of saying, "Gimme more," say "Thank You."

If you go into the candy store of the world, and the store has only nougat today and you wanted a truffle, accept the nougat and say, "Thank You."

Tomorrow the candy store may offer you all the candies you could desire, and your response can be the same: "Thank You. Thank You kindly."

And if tomorrow the candy store happens to be out of candy, you can still be glad that there is a candy store. You can know that its supply of candy will be replenished.

Somewhere along the line, you have to learn, you will learn, that your happiness is not utterly dependent upon the contents of the candy store.




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