Heaven #3269 Across the Universe

What is this you have about getting things done on time? What is this you have about getting results on time? What is all this about your having to know what time it is?

Nothing is early nor does anything lag.

You set up perimeters, and then you are flummoxed when all that you have set up within your perimeters doesn't fit the bill.

What are perimeters but borders? Where do you get the idea that all must go according to your schedule? Perhaps it is not necessary to make schedules. Perhaps you do not need to make flurry of plans. When you write down a list, chances are that you fall short. Try as you may, you haven't been able to check off all the items on your list.

You don't think I make a to-do list, do you? Do you imagine that I sit down and list what I must do today, scratch new ones in and scratch some others off? Neither lists nor time rule My roost.

I am often called the Doer. I don't do much. By Doer, you must mean Accomplisher. Both Doer and Accomplisher imply some action, some running around, some effort. I am much more a Be-er, and so are you. I had a thought. Call it a desire, if you like. I desired you, and you appeared. I did not have to go to the drawing board. I did not have to hire staff. Of course, angels appeared, and you appeared, angels of My heart. I called you into Being. It was easy. My thoughts are simple. They are not all cluttered up. Before I turned around, the world had ordered itself.

What I really am is Creator. I create. I don't work. I don't do. I don't accomplish. And I don't hang out a sign that says Professional Creator. I create. I create by My desire. I sing a little song without composing it. You could say My song composes itself. It doesn't even compose. It simply sings itself, My song. It comes out of My mouth, yet it comes from My heart. Of course, it is My heart that sings.

You could say what I really do is to live. Certainly I am vibrant and alive. I never sleep, yet I am always at rest.

You already know that no place exists, and yet I am Everywhere. I am the One, and I am never alone. I am surrounded by a cast of thousands.

You could say that I am an Entertainer, yet I am not a Performer. I think, feel, and am Joy, and you are entertained.

You might say that I am a Magician or a Miracle Worker. I am not a Worker at all.

What I really am is a Lover. I love. I know nothing else. From love all else flows. As a matter of fact, there is nothing else but love. Love engenders love. Love flies the coop, as it were. You are My love. You have ventured forth, and yet you have never left. I think you are the Song in My Heart that I sing and sing and sing. I would not stop. I cannot stop. You are the Song in My Heart, and nothing can be done about it. Who or what could stop Me? That is a laugh.

And, so, My beloveds, as you set sail across the Universe this morning and you feel drawn to write a to-do list, write down one word as many times as you want, and the Word is Love. There is nothing else for you to do. There is nothing else to be done.


Mailena 13th November 2009 10:56 am

Well, that is what I wrote yesterday - one day before I read your message:
My Priorities:

:) I guess the message got through to me....


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