Heaven #3301 Make Way for Angels

You are on a journey, one step after the other. You can see no further than the step you take now. You can, of course, look over your shoulder, but why? Is someone or something chasing after you, and are you fleeing? You need neither hold on tight to nor flee what's in back of you, but you can go forward. You can move ahead with exhilaration. You can leap from one tall building to another. You will land. Always you land,, sometimes on your feet and sometimes on your bottom. In either case, you then get up and take another step, and yet another.

There are so many marvelous possibilities before you. Possibilities are possibilities because they are not certainties. Possibilities are open. Certainties are closed. Yet you crave certainty, even when, if you had it, you would soon tire of it. There is no need to be certain. Do not require it. You have only to be you wherever your foot steps next. And life has to be life no matter what it turns up, and you do not need to be agitated.

There is nothing that has to be anything but what it is.

Ah, how you would like to change life and have it abide by your rules. How aggrieved you might be then if you could really call the shots. What havoc there could be then. How might you then wish you had left life alone and not commandeered it.

The uncertainty of relative life gives you all the wondrous possibilities. It is even possible that today you soar. Today is enough. Today will offer you treasures, and tomorrow might take them away, and, so, life has its say, and yet your life is yours. Well, whose else's would your life be when your name is on it.

A whole lot of attention is put on dying. You and the world sometimes think of nothing else. There are whole industries surrounding the exit of life in the body. There are buildings built to house ill and dying bodies. There are funeral homes made for those who are newly dead, and later tombstones to top their remains. Sometimes the world doesn't know which is better or which is worse, living or dying, nor do you. Fear hovers around both living and dying.. Let go of fear, beloveds, and make way for angels.

We can say that in life you are plowing a field. And one day you put the plow down.

We can say that in life, you ride a bicycle, and when you reach where you were going, you put your bike down.

We can say that, in life, you ride a train, and then there is a stop where you get off.

What can really happen in life or in death when there is no death? Nor is life the real story either. Fear is a detour, beloveds. Stay on the main road.

The luggage you carry is only luggage. Whatever the luggage appears to be, it is only luggage. A cardboard box or designer luggage can only carry possessions, and you carry the luggage. Without luggage, you can also traipse all over the world. Let your journey be a jaunt. Your whole lifetime is only a jaunt. It is not the most serious thing in the world, yet how seriously this little walk in the world is taken.

Your life is a walk in the woods. Your whole physical life is compressed into an afternoon, and you are let loose into Eternity where you have always been, and you are as free as a bird which is your natural state. You are free, beloveds. You are free to soar right now as I talk to you and pull you closer to My heart.


Emon 13th December 2009 4:01 pm

Thank you,
Reading your post has brighten my heart.


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