Heaven #3302 There Is a Life You Desire

How lovely is life when you like it. Perhaps you can relish life even when it isn't all you want it to be. You know life will change its configuration soon enough. With or without your patience, that which is hard for you to tolerate and that which you love will both change. What cannot be changed, on the other hand, cannot be changed. With or without your resistance, with or without your striving, there are matters that you cannot resurrect.

The world tells you not to fight City Hall. I am telling you not to fight life! You do not want to play a tug of war with life. What are you thinking?

You could consider yourself a business owner who has good customers. You overlook certain things with your customers. You learned that. You give a little. You do not tell your customer: "My way or else." Yet, you do argue with life, and life often won't listen. Yet you keep arguing with life as if you never had had any experience with life, as if, it would seem, you had been born yesterday and didn't know.

If life were carry-on luggage and the wheels get stuck, you would adapt to your carry on and still catch your flight and still take your carry-on with you. You wouldn't tell off the piece of luggage or kick it.. You still go to catch your plane whether the wheels accommodate you or not.

With life, you have a tendency to dig your heels in, perhaps spend hours demanding that life oil its wheels and accommodate you considerably. Perhaps it is you who has to cooperate with life. Perhaps you have to not take so hard what life tosses at you. Life seems to be made of twists and turns, yet life does not try to assail you. It's just that you are caught up in the current of life as it flows.

Life doesn't have it in for you. You are a bystander. There is a flood of life, and you are swept up in the current of it.

Sometimes there are roadblocks you have to go around. Go for the life you desire. Don't give up so fast nor stamp your foot so quickly. There is a life you desire. Make part of your desire to be resilient. Don't pick a fight with life. Be a good sport. Don't haggle with life. Be jolly with it.

Consider life like a roommate. You and your roommate do not agree on everything. Sometimes your roommate goes his way, and you go yours, and you still remain roommates.

When you car breaks down, you don't have a showdown with it. Life is not the wild west.

Nor is life a romance novel where the hero always gets the heroine. Nor, when you toss a coin, do you always get heads nor do you always get tails.

Life always gives you something. You can't skip your life on Earth. You have it every day. Even if you sleep all day, you have it.

Life doesn't give up on you, beloveds. Life is a constant. What life gives to you is not always on your list.

You may want to stride through life, yet the terrain may make it so you have to meander..

Here is something to understand. You are always making progress in life. Even pitfalls move you forward. Great successes may not always wind up great, yet you, you, My beloveds, are great to start with and cannot be anything else.



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