Heaven #3310 Proof of Love

You have a tendency to crave proof of love. You tend to see that yesterday you were loved by the one you love, and today you perceive that the love given you is less. It is not demonstrated as well. You long for the sweet words of yesterday. You feel that you must have it. Your longing for love may be insatiable.

Proof of love is a myth, beloved. Love does not have to declare itself. Let love be. Let it have its quiet non-demonstrative moments. Let it be a growing flower that you do not check up on incessantly.

Proof of love is not needed. Stalwartness of love is needed. You need to know your own love and that it is not dependent upon what someone else says or does. You don't need flowers sent to you every day. If flowers were sent to you every day, would you then crave two bouquets a day?

Love cannot be measured. It is measureless. You cannot put love in a teacup or even a tureen of love. There is an ocean of love, and yet love is bigger than the ocean. Love has no top nor bottom, so how then could it be measured? By what means?

Love, attempted to be measured, flees. Trust in love. Instead of fearing that it is no longer, instead of fearing that you no longer merit it, that it has been taken away from you and put somewhere else or nowhere else or simply flown away like a butterfly that alighted and then flew off you know not where without a backward glance, trust and attend to your own wayward heart.

If your love is dependent upon proof of love, then it would seem that your love is a dribble of love. Perhaps the proof you have been adding up, is proof of the lack of love in your own heart. Love does not require a daily feeding. Nor are you a fool for love. You may be a fool to attachment to receipt of love, as if love were purchased, weighed and measured, and handed out as you require.

If you find the love in your own heart lacking, then let go of the idea. The love in your own heart does not need to be demonstrated any more than anyone else's love. Love comes by its own decree. Love comes silently without fanfare. Beloveds, you do not even need to hear the violins of your own love. Let love rest. Beloveds, you are not even dependent upon displays of your own love.

Love is not anything to worry about! Love is. Let your heart be quiet for a while. Let it be. Your heart which is full of love does not have to bubble every minute. You do not have to see love bubbling, not even the love in your own heart. You have it. It is there. Leave it alone. It will burst forth soon enough. It will burst forth on its own without prodding from you.

When you see a lovely flower, you do not think: "Oh, I must love this flower." Nor do you think: "This lovely flower must love me, or I am bereft." No, you simply bend down and smell the sweet flower. And if you are outside, and you see a flower through a window, looking at the flower through a window serves well.

You do not have to have love. Do you see what I mean? You do not have to have it wrapped up. You do not have to take it home with you. You do not have to have it.

Let the love within you simmer at low speed, if that's what it wants. Love is not arbitrary. It is a given. Love will come out well enough on its own.


Soul Worker 21st January 2010 9:07 am

I LOVE this message... it is a reminder of the true love that permeates in silent truth... Love breathes with us always. When this truth is honoured we flow with divine mystery... oneness. Namaste. JanIsMansBridge, Soul Worker, http://janismansbridge.com


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