Heaven #3316 Knowing Our Connection

O, beloveds, for what do you worry when We have Our blessed connection? You do not even have to concern yourself about being connected to Me, for there is not a moment when you are not. You do not have to have concern yourself about communicating with Me or any worship of Me, for there is not a moment that We are away from worship of Our One Self. Adoration is Our Name.

As you do not have concern about breathing, have no concern about Our speaking or listening. The radio is turned on, and there is no turning off this radio, beloveds. Our ear phones are in, and Our One Voice speaks as if it were two or three or more. There is no off-button. We are only on.

If one day you do not consciously listen or formally speak with the God of Yourself, it does not matter. We are inevitably tuned in. If We are played in the background only, still We are played, and still We are heard, just not focused on, but spoken and heard nonetheless.

Of course, it is very nice when We set aside some moments and listen without diversion, just listen for the sound of Our Voice, the way we might focus on listening to an opera. We are immersed in it. We become the opera, as it were, and the opera within Us continues on the more silent levels even after the last note is played.

If one morning, you do not consciously speak to Me, it is all right, for I am always speaking to you.

If you are a Godwriter, put your pen on paper or your fingers on the computer regularly, and yet know that nothing is amiss if you miss listening for Me.. I do not give piano lessons, and I do not require a regular practice every day. I do, however, request a regular practice, beloveds. Is your heart willing? You are not afraid to listen to My Voice, are you? Do not hold resistance. My Voice is meant for you. It is meant to be a joy for you, one that you do not want to be without. Yet I am not a formal disciplinarian that you must follow. I AM a daily treat, like a chocolate bon-bon you pop into your mouth.

In My case, if you want to pop two or three chocolates into your mouth, please be My guest. I have all of you that I want, and I never have too much. Only don't refrain from Me. Do not put yourself on a diet when it comes to Me. Yes, you will gain. You will incessantly gain with a daily feast of Me, yet it is light you will gain and light-heartedness. I am never heavy. You can always digest Me very well. I go down your throat smoothly. I am a great lozenge. I am a great sweet taste without calories. There is no other like Me.

There is nothing for you to give up for Me, and yet please make a place for Me on your table. As a matter of fact, eat My words and thoughts first. Gobble Me up first thing, and then the sweet taste will last all through your day. You can never waste Me, yet, if you wait until everything else on your list is done before you taste My sweet nectar, if you do not drink of Me early in your day, in that sense, you have wasted Me. Not that I ever grow stale, you understand, yet why not, first thing in the morning, have Me straight from the cow. I am ready and at your service.


bettina 28th December 2009 6:01 am

As I lay in bed (my quiet time of reflection), I couldn't find the words, or prayer to say.... Feeling a bit frustrated, and odd the words could not come freely and from the heart. How wonderful I should awaken and come to read this first thing, as I start my day. I accept this as an answer to my 'lack' and am grateful for the answers. As always there is no coincidence.
Be well,

misafir 28th December 2009 9:15 am

"Gobble Me up first thing, and then the sweet taste will last all through your day."
Important assertion, or, information. Why not told before ? Because, most tend to leave the most delicious part to the last. (God is searched most in the late night, and least in the early morning. (; due to some obvious reasons..)) But, is the outer day more important than the day inside ?


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