Heaven #3327 The Richness of Love

You crave possessions when I have given you the sky and a vast horizon. I have given you the Earth and stars and a blazing sun and white moon. I have given you grass and flowers and mud and sand. I have given you oceans and beaches and stones and rocks and hot and cold. I have given you all kinds of food to eat or to spit out. I have given you eyes to see, and ears to hear, and a mouth to kiss with. Beloveds, what have I left out of the Creation that I gave to you? I sent out My love the way a fisherman casts his net. It is like this: The ocean of My love spills upon itself. It is love abounding on the bounding main. Watch it bound and rebound. That is what love does.

Of course, I gave you to Creation as well. I told you to multiply. Multiply everything, beloveds. Multiply love especially. Leave wherever you have been better than you found it, richer than you found it, nicer than you found it. Increase the gifts I surrounded you with. Topple love so it rises like mist from the ocean and alights on mountain tops for you to gaze at.

I will tell you how to multiply. First you have the idea of plenty. You feel the plenty. And then it appears. It is not that you are to wait for me to send you the multiplication tables. I sent you to do the multiplying. It is very simple. It is simply an idea of more and more. What you desire will appear. Desire lightly. Desire lightly, and see all that you desire multiply. Multiplying is like blowing bubbles. Don't you like to? Do you remember what it's like?

Let your thoughts fall to the ground like leaves from a tree. Lightly lightly think your thoughts. You don't have to work at it. One thought follows another, just the way one foot follows the other, and you find yourself moving where your toes point.

Your thoughts follow a great momentum. Momentum is an energy that doesn't want to stop. Once you start the momentum of love, you can't stop it. It follows itself and surges forward, generating more of itself. Avail yourself of every opportunity to love.

If you are focused on making money, make money accompanied with love. Make money, and dispense love along the way. Love and money are compatible. Someone may have said they are not. Be courteous and far-seeing, and give love first. There will be a trail of money. And if there is not, you have nevertheless had the richness of love. Beloveds, don't be without love, especially when you can have all of it, the giving and the receiving. Love is the engine that runs the car of life. Give your love the way stars shine their light.

Give love without hesitation. Give money without hesitation. Give joy without hesitation. Give everything without hesitation. This is how you reap love, love upon love, love undreamed of, love unsought but love demanding to give itself to you, love knocking down the doors in your heart, love flooding your blood stream and the circumference of the world.

Whatever your profession, you have a career in giving love, love expected and love unexpected. Love is not stingy. Love is generous. Love offers itself so cordially, so genially, so generously. Generous love is generated from the heart. It gallops. It leaves its dust everywhere. Love tramples all over itself, clickety-clop, clickety-clop, going in all directions, and, yet, the only direction there is to go in is the direction of love.


missvindigo 14th January 2010 2:06 am

Such a lovely message! Gave me a warm and loving feeling!

Thanks for sharing!
Luiza <3

fleurdelaforet 21st January 2010 7:18 pm

beautiful. so inspiring. thank you!


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