Heaven #3328 When Your Heart Is Full of Love

Life doesn't need preparation, beloveds. Life is not meant to be work. Nor is cooking meant to be work. From shopping to cleaning up, cooking is meant to be the easy giving of love. You already know that with love, cooking and everything else become easy. Wow, the energy loves gives you. Beloveds, you could cook for the whole world when your love is on.

What is hard when love is filling your heart? What is hard about the moon pulling the tide? What is hard about a mother's nursing her child? What is hard to learn when you love, and learning fills your heart.

Nothing is hard with love Whatever makes love hard for you to express is not love. It is something else that blocks love. Love would block nothing. Love would rush to everything.

When your heart is full of love, disappointment does not take away the love. Love is its own force. Love already knows it is not dependent upon outside factors. Love is its own king and its own servant. Love knows how to love with or without certain circumstances. Love is its own commander and its own soldier, yet love does not give orders. Love simply bursts its borders and goes everywhere. Love is like a rocket, a multi-targeted rocket.

Everyone is love's target. Love is going to overturn barricades everywhere. Love will go where love is not, and love will go where love is. Love has its own agenda and is not dependent upon the agenda of others. Love goes its way which is to go every way. Love is not fussy. Love is the opposite of fussy. Love will love all that it sees, for love just loves. Love doesn't need an object in order to love. Like the sun, love is many-rayed. Love will go down one-way streets. Love doesn't care. Reciprocated or not, love loves. Nothing is too big nor too small for love to follow or for love to chase or for love to catch. Love does not enter races, yet love always wins. It touches everything in its wake.

All falls before love. Sheaves of wheat and barley fall before love. Nothing is too short or too tall to fall down for love. Love reaches cut blades of grass and combs them, as it were. Love goes for the shod and the shoeless. Love looks for opportunity to alight, and love sees opportunity everywhere. Love does not duel. It simply vanquishes all in its wake.

Let love vanquish you, and you will be the winner. You will be armed with love. Nothing can withstand it. All can just go to it.

Nothing gets in the way of love. Nothing gets the better of it. There is not a thing better to get than love. Love does not dry up. Love evicted from your heart makes for a weak heart, yet a weak heart can become a strong heart. Let love strong arm your heart. Let love be what is up your sleeve. Let love be the air you breathe. Get pumped up with love. You will never run out, nor will there be places where there is too much love. You can't get too much.

Yet you can get too little. You have gotten too little love in your life. Now let's shore up your heart and make it strong again to breathe in and breathe out a tank full of love. Love is stored in My heart, although I never keep it. Your love comes straight from My heart. I give it to you. I will give you more anyway. I give you all the love in the world to do with as you will. What will you do with it?



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