Heaven #3358 Let New Thinking Begin!

Let new thinking begin! If you are someone who thinks, try on new thoughts for size. What you are sure about, be less sure about. See what happens. What I am saying to you is to be amenable to growing. How do you grow when you keep to old thoughts as though they were sacrosanct?

When was the last time you had a new thought? New thoughts are offered to you, and there is a tendency to block them.

That I AM may be a new thought for you. That I love you abundantly may be a new thought to you. That you can know Me as your very self may be a new thought to you.

What is so precious about old ways of thinking that you hold on so tight?

I am asking you to consider other thoughts.

Great literature can be read on many levels. Great literature exists on more than one level. Do you understand Me? There is the literal level. There is the metaphoric. There are levels within levels. Your thoughts can also be read on more than one level.

As your consciousness grows, you see from a greater height. So I am asking you to be open to new ways of thinking. I do not tell you to accept everything that comes before you. I suggest you be open. There could be a kernel of truth in a new thought, or there could not. I ask that you consider the possibility.

Once upon a time all the good people on Earth thought that the Earth was flat. No matter how well-endorsed, what was taken for truth did not tell the whole story. According to the logic in Columbus' day, it made sense to think the Earth was flat. It did not make sense to think it was round. What seems like sense to you may not be the way to determine truth. Logic can only go so far. Logic is limited, beloveds.

Do not be adamant about keeping the thinking you presently have. Do not close yourself off from thinking something you never thought before. It is okay to let go of old thinking. It is okay to embrace new thoughts. Open to the possibility that there is something new for you to think.

Because you thought one way once doesn't mean you can't think a new way today. You don't have to think a new way. Just be open to it.

It is a lovely thought that you can think one way today and think another way tomorrow. What a freeing thing!

Your thoughts do not have to be battened down, nailed to the wall, frozen in time, irrevocable. Your thoughts can bud like flowers. They can ripen like fruit.

As a human being on Earth, you do not know everything. When you do not know everything, you can grow. It is possible to learn new ways of weaving on a loom. It is possible to learn new ways of weaving hair. You can learn new ways of weaving life. You can learn new ways. You do not have to keep the old.

Truth is not a style. It is not fashion. The old truth may well be true and good to keep. And yet, you have new eyes to see, and you are entitled to see in a new light. Keep your eyes and ears open, beloveds. I put My trust in you as a growing being who also learns new ways of thinking, not every new thought that crosses the bounding main, but some, some thoughts that you may never have thought before.


Nickola 7th February 2010 4:53 pm

here is a new thought..

You 're immensely loved Gloria!



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