Heaven #3367 Radiate Love and Keep Your Integrity

I tell you to love, and yet We cannot define love. Love is so vast, beloveds, it defies description. Let Us talk a little about love, what it is and what it is not, and how it appears in different lights. It is natural to love. It is natural for a baby to love. He doesn't know the word, and he already loves. It is natural for the mother to love her baby. It is unnatural not to love.

Yet, you may ask: "Am I to love the one who litters Your beautiful world, God? Am I to love people who murder your beautiful children? Am I to love thieves? Am I to love hijackers? Am I to love haters?"

Love does not mean condoning. You do not have to like what a murderer has done, nor do you have to pretend it's okay. You do not have to make a show of your love. You do not have to marry the one who has hurt the world. Do you catch My drift? You do not have to become palsy-walsy. You do not have to go up and hug him.

You owe to yourself to let go of the angst in your own heart. In your heart, have absence of fear. You do not have to punish. You do not have to go into the gutter. In matters like this, I will reason with the offender.

You do not owe love, beloveds. You are love. Love is not a payment you exact from yourself. You do not have to embrace a murderer. You do not have to pat the murderer on the back and say, "There, there. It's all right." Nor are you not to bless him from your heart. You are not to become a snob.

Love takes many shapes. A mother who loves also teaches her child. As the child grows, everything he does is not adorable. The mother loves, yet she does not say: "Whatever you do, it's okay because I love you." The mother loves, and she tells the child he must pay for whatever he buys. The mother loves, and she tells the child that he must respect others. The mother takes responsibility. Because she loves, she takes responsibility.

To love does not mean to be dishonest. To love does not mean to be irresponsible. Nor does to love mean to be holier than thou. You would give water to everyone who is thirsty. That is love, yet you do not become bedfellows with everyone who is thirsty.

You are not to become vindictive, nor do you uphold an unsavory act. Do not assail the person nor do you have to hold everyone on your lap. You do not adopt everyone.

When I say to love, I do not mean you are to erase yourself. You too have rights. You do not rush up to all shoppers at the mall and put your arms around them. Why would you? Because they are shoppers?

Sometimes people have to earn your love. Your personal love is worth something, and it is to mean something. It is not that you are to love at all costs.

If someone beats you, it is not love that makes you stay to be beaten again.

If someone comes up to you with a knife, you do not have to rush into his arms to prove that you are a loving person.

If you see someone with a knife raised to another, do not take the time to love the wielder of the knife.

Know the difference between personal love and universal love. Radiate love, and keep your integrity.



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