Heaven #3598 Rise Up from Circumstances

Remember that guilt is not a high vibration. It is not honorable to feel guilt. It hurts your heart that some go hungry while you waste food. There is a tug here, and yet it is incumbent upon you to digest the food you eat. You do not help another when your stomach is heavy with indigestion or your heart is heavy with guilt. Guilt is itself a kind of indigestion.

Money is not your consciousness. Money is not the cure. Consciousness is. You cannot appease guilt with money. You cannot atone.

Everyone on Earth deserves prosperity. Everyone on Earth does not presently have it.

Human asks: "How can it be that God leaves some without food and others with plenty? There is an imbalance."

Yes, there is an imbalance in the world.

Only consciousness can right wrongs.

Yes, and those who have are to help those who do not have. And yet such help is a stop gap. The boy in Holland could keep his finger in the dike for only so long. His finger in the dike was a temporary measure. So is feeding the poor a temporary measure.

Listen to Me carefully here. The circumstances of birth are not an accident. All circumstances are to grow from. Someone in opulence certainly seems wealthier than someone in hunger. If you were born spoiled, you have to rise from that. If you were born poor, from that you too have to rise. Each person born on Earth is born to rise from the circumstances he finds himself in.

When one is in a hot desert, it is too easy to say: “You must find water.” And yet each man must find water for himself. And if you are in the desert, and you have a flask of water, of course, you share it. You share your water, and yet you do not foster dependence in another upon your water.

If you are a thirsty man in a desert, how are you going to find water for yourself when you believe that others must come to your aid? It is true that all are brothers, and all help one another, and yet each man must help himself.

If you are thirsty and you see no solution but another’s coming to your aid, then you have limited your possibilities. If you are sure there is no other way, you have made it so.

Once upon a time, there were no airplanes. They were not believed in. It took two brothers, so I have heard, to believe in the idea of man’s being able to fly before the airplane could come into being.

Belief is important. If you believe that water has to come to you from someone else’s hand, what water will you find on your own?

It has been said that to him who believes, all things are possible. And to him who does not believe that all things are possible, all things are possible, yet, what has he cut himself off from? I am speaking of lifting consciousness so that all men on Earth are free and independent and no one is needy. Neediness has been believed in. What purpose could neediness serve but to point the way to fulfillment? Neediness is not needed. It is not necessary. It is not inevitable.

The world does not need the have not’s in order to have the have’s. All the bonds of life are false premises, and they are to get beyond.

Discouragement is understandable, yet it is not meant to be a way of life. Discouragement breeds discouragement. Have courage instead. Break the bonds that bind you. Open your heart to yourself. Blame no one and nothing. Rise.


starlight297 4th October 2010 10:53 am

Dear Gloria,
Thanks for this message. You really are talking to me....Bless you! :smitten: