Heaven #3780 Let Your Heart Be Free

The heart that aches is off-track. The mind has focused the heart on matters that are not for the heart to focus on. A beautiful heart made in Heaven is not to focus on worry, on debts or trespasses. The heart is to focus on love. Blessed is the heart that is left to focus on love in peace.

Your beautiful heart is not meant to be a horse that you gallop. If your heart were a horse, it would be gentle. It would not be harnessed. It would pasture in the grass. It would romp and frolic. No holds barred. The pasture is the place for a steed of love. Let your heart graze.

Do not lock the horse of your heart in the barn of fear. Do not lock your heart at all.

Give it fresh grass to graze on. Do not give your heart that which is from the past. Think well of this horse of love and honor it. You would not give it old stale moldy fodder from the past. Only clean food for your beautiful heart.

Never again are you to fill your heart with angst. Your duty to your heart is to let it graze in green pastures. Do not relentlessly ride heartache. Let your heart rest. Pat it down. Give it fresh water. Give your heart the best grass to graze on. This is your heart We are talking about, Our heart, this great mutual gift that is Ours to treasure. Take care of your heart in My Name.

Let your horse of love frolic in the pasture. You don’t need to build fences to keep the horse reined in. Let your horse be a high-jumper who jumps over put-up borders. Do not keep your heart of love insulated or tied up and fraught with what is not worth a heart’s time.

Yes, your heart must be given free rein. Don’t worry, your heart won’t get lost. It will bring you Home safely. The only way worthy for your heart -- My heart on loan to you -- is for you to let it roam free. Your heart, your beautiful heart, is not meant to be tied in knots. How constrictive are knots. There should be a law against them.

Put signs up, not fences. “Heaven for all hearts to roam in.” “Let hearts roam the range.” “No hijacking or worry or anguish of any kind allowed.” “This is a pasture for hearts.” “Heart Haven.” “Spa for Hearts.” “Fresh Hearts Here.” “Hearts of Delight.” “Untrammeled Hearts.” “Free Hearts.”

Give your heart a rest. Let it play. Let it have fun. Do not foist worry and such on your heart. Feed your heart with golden thoughts.

Do not rent your heart out. Do not loan your heart out to worry. Do not lasso your heart. Do not rein it in. Give your heart the whole Universe to roam in. Let your heart reach the stars and the galaxies. Restore your heart to its original state of love.

Let not your heart be haunted. Do not scare your heart. Let your heart be a beautiful morning glory that climbs fences and is not held back by them. Be your heart’s best friend. Love your heart, and let it go. Let it fly Heavenward. Let your heart take wing. Let your heart be the angel it was born to be. Let your heart be awake to love and more love. Let nothing get in the way of your heart and love. Ride on love.

Free your heart from limits. Let your heart be true. Barriers are false. Barriers to love are like weeds that choke your heart. Let your heart be free.


Nowment 8th April 2011 12:50 pm

:smitten: berries~

Ahnalira 8th April 2011 10:29 pm

Happy as a horse on a spring pasture - that's my motto :)

Much appreciation for these words of inspiration,

maniktwin 12th April 2011 1:03 am

You may have saved a heart tonight and thank you.


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