Heaven #3970 Rescue Yourself

When you are reacting, you are over-reacting. When you are upset, you have over-reacted. You made a situation something it wasn't really. There was a hint of something from the past, and you were reacting to the past and not the present. Therefore, you made a big thing of it. You blew it up out of proportion.

An emotional reaction is an emotional reaction. You do not find the past again except as you perceive it. The past was made up of your perception anyway. Beloveds, the past is made up of ego. Whether lovely or unlovely, it was made of ego.

That is what fairy tales are about. Ego. In the end, ego does not triumph. The stepmother is superseded. The princess marries the prince. The stepmother is full-flaming ego. The princess is goodness personified. The prince saves the princess, and virtue marries virtue. Goodbye, Stepmother Ego. Goodbye, Big Bad Wolf Ego.

And now say goodbye to Childhood Perception. The child was wronged or not edified enough. And now the child is grown and leaves childhood pursuits behind. Wrong is righted, for the child is grown now. Let not the witch bounce around within the child now grown, now considered grown. It is certain, however, that there is something for you to grow out of. Hurts are something to grow out of. Hurts are always from the past. I tell you this frankly.

When I say to get out of the past, I mean for you to get out of the past deeply. I am talking about the deep dark past. Do not repeat it. Whatever role you put yourself in back then, move out of it. Moving forward means to move forward. Psychologically stuck in the past is not moving forward. The past has not clung on to you. You have clung on to the past, and you have relived it again and again.

In order to live in the present, you have to get out of the past. There is no other way. Let not the past be a shroud that you cannot get out of. The past is not in your DNA unless you say so.

A pauper does not have to stay a pauper. Nor does a pauper of love have to stay a pauper of love. The whole story is about love. It is about love denied and the dream of love rising to be fulfilled. Whatever restitution you feel you are owed, it is you who owes love to yourself. It is you who has drawn those charcoal pictures of yourself in black and white. Color them in now, and be done. Adapt a new youth now. Step out of the past. Come out of the cave into the bright sunlight of today.

Come into the chambers of My heart. Enter with Me, and the past disappears, and the Eternity of the Present rises to the fore. Today is today. It is not yesterday. Do not turn it into yesterday. Step out of the past never to return. Orphan, stepchild, favored child, all that is to step out of. Whether you were loved enough or not, now you allow yourself to be love and nothing but love, love true, not love shammed. You do not wear the clothes of love. You rise to the occasion of love. Under all circumstances, you are no longer the judge. Throw off those dark robes. Now you are love true to the cause of love.

Remember love first. Remember love before ego. Ego takes a back seat. Anger, resentment are no longer for you to relive. They are for you to be done with. Rescue yourself.


georgina 30th November 2011 10:20 pm

Just lovely :thumbs:


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