Heaven #4030 Think of God

Carry Me in your pocket the way you might carry a pen. Know that I am always within you. All you have to do is reach in and pull Me into your awareness.

Or carry Me as a pin affixed to your lapel. We are pinned. We are engaged together.

Consider Me a bright spot in your day. Consider Me an outfielder Who catches whatever may befall and Who softens whatever has been thrown.

Consider Me often. Let Me be your worry bead. If worry you must, count Me in, and worries will bounce away.

There can be physical assault. There can be outcroppings of woe, and yet worry comes from your mind. Worry in your life is worry in your mind. Extract worry from your mind, and you won't have worry in your life. I will pluck worries from you. Worries are not infinite, beloveds. I AM, and you are infinite. How can worrisome thoughts enter your mind and repeat themselves? How does this happen to an Infinite Being like you?

When worries assail you and pelt you with unwanted thoughts and you cannot seem to let them go, then let worries be stragglers, and you walk ahead. That way worries will be behind you. They will not lead you.

Let Me lead you. Hold the thought of Me before you. I am your shield. Light is your shield. Worries cannot really stand up in My light. Worries are like pesky flies that will not go away. Worries do what worries do, and yet you do not have to be so pestered. Worries take you away from higher thoughts. In exchange for every worry, think of Me.

When you think of it, how can you possibly think of anything else when you have Me to think of? Are worries the gods you put before Me? Forsooth.

You do know that steadily I think of you. You are on My mind constantly. Oh, no, not as a worry but as a lovely thought I like to think about. You are a promise I made to Myself. When I created you, My thoughts never left your side. I secured My heart within you. I am the key to your heart.

When worry insinuates itself, press your hand over your heart. My heart and worry do not coexist. Your heart is a gift I gave to you in My Name. The Heart of God resides within you. Forget worries, and remember Me.

Worries are little dramatists. They want you to swoon on a couch with your hand on your forehead. They want anguish to present itself to you. I want to take away your worries. Worries want to take your attention off of Me. Do you think that worries can light a candle next to Me?

Worries are imps. They are impossible little dragons. It's just that there are so many of them, one after another. They manufacture themselves in a steady stream and impose themselves upon you. You have believed in them as a force to be reckoned with when they are not much at all. Yes, they come in numbers, but their size is small and, yet, you see them as decisive factors. Why, worries are nothing but the name they call themselves. Give them another name. Instead of imposers, call them imposters. These imposters you call worries are but itty-bitty gummy things that like to stick to you. They are a habit, and habits can be broken.

Worries are not worth the time of day. They are little squiggles in your mind. Throw them away like a cigarette butt. You have smoked worries enough. You don't need them. You don't need them, those hanger-ons. You really don't need them at all.


oxymora 12th December 2011 5:38 pm

This was beautiful, thank you


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