Heaven #4081 God Is Here

Call on Me a lot. Whatever you are doing, enlist Me in your actions, your thoughts, your creativity. This is not prayer I am talking about. This is simply keeping Me in mind as your companion which I most certainly am. Even an intention to think of Me works wonders.

Say: "God, I would like to keep company with You more often. God, sometimes I get so involved in what I'm doing, I forget about You. How could I forget about You, yet I do. It is like I take a rowboat out into the middle of a lake, and I leave you on the shore."

Yet when you think of Me when you are in a rowboat in the middle of a lake, your awareness of Me seats Me right beside you in the rowboat far from shore. Of course, the fact is, you know by now that I am always with you. There is not a millisecond that I am not. However, your awareness plays a part for you in this drama of life on Earth, so it's a good idea to keep Me in your awareness.

When I am always in your awareness, you know your solidarity with Me. Solid am I even though I am unseen. I am unseen, yet you can feel My Presence.

Many times when you are by yourself, I hear you speak to yourself. You may say something like: "What did I come into this room for? What am I looking for? Oh, yes, now I remember."

You could try talking to Me instead of yourself! That would help your awareness. Say something like: "God, what was I looking for here? Oh, there it is."

When you talk to Me, there I am. It would be better for Me to say, when you talk to Me, I am already here. It would be better for Me to say, "Here I am! I am here! I was always right with you wherever you are. In spring and summer, I am with you. In fall and winter, I am with you. I am with you. There is nowhere I would rather be than right with you."

Whom would you rather be with? And what would you rather your thoughts were on?

Yes, better that you keep coming back to thoughts of Me. How many times a day can you say God under your breath? 100 times? More? Even your thinking God once a day gives you a head start.

This doesn't mean you are asking anything of Me. You don't have to be asking anything of Me. It is enough that you simply greet Me and make yourself comfortable with Me.

Perhaps you have thought it is a big deal to have Me beside you. Not at all. It is an ordinary thing. I am never ever away from you. I am your constant Companion with or without your attention. Of course, I do like it when you look at Me straight in the eye, so to speak.

This does not mean that you leave everything up to Me. You don't throw off your responsibilities, yet, with Me around you, around you in your consciousness, your responsibilities no longer appear as shackles. Responsibilities become easier for you. You are responsible for breathing, and you breathe without thinking. I am in every breath you take. You can rely on Me, and you can rely on yourself. Relying is quite a different cry from worrying. What is there to worry about when you have Me with you?

Little by little, just your thinking of Me will remove worry from your thoughts and weight from your shoulders, and life will be easy, and you will feel ease and, odds are, you will be healthier and stronger. Yet even health is not a requirement for joy to take a hold of you. All you need is Me.


onafriday 1st February 2012 5:32 am

This makes me think of the sign of the cross, and why that is.

The name of the "father" (Mind)
The name of the "son" (Heart)

Joining together, Mind & Heart

Next Step

The name of the Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit (touched, shoulder to shoulder)

That Mind & Heart be United as One, to govern over all that one "should" and "should not" do (shoulders, representing "should").

If I remember correctly, there is symbolic "touching to the lips" also included in prayers.

I feel certain that the majority of people HERE do not need this information as much as the NON-BELIEVING world needs it. It seems to me that "the government" is steadily "working toward" possible censorship, and I think that might be because the Truth is profoundly SCIENTIFIC; provable and demonstrable.

Of all of the greatest things about God ... is the WORD. God created, by the power of the word. The word was with God and in the end, "the word of god shall remain".

I don't know all of everything and I don't want to - but I'm sure of what I do know and that's all that matters to me.

cross = + sign

angelika 1st February 2012 6:59 am

Hi Gloria,

I loved this post. Just recently I started saying 'over to you God' and visualise myself holding a parcel over to God whenever I catch myself worrying etc. I was surprised at how effective it is.

I'm practicing 'thinking' with my heart and silencing the endless chatter of my mind. Presently I'm not doing as well as I'd like to and I find that it drains my energy being in my mind. Your article made me smile though, encouraging me to continue to hand stuff over to God, as soon as I catch myself thinking.

Hugs and Blessings, Angelika


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