Heaven #4084 All Are One, and All Are Worthy

Be a friend first. There is no need to wait for others to extend their hands to you first. When you greet another, you are greeting yourself. By all means, greet yourself. No ands, ifs, and or buts.

For easy understanding, you have made yourself into an I and so have many others, and I give a lesson in grammar that you and I are a We. We like to be We. You like to be We. You like to be We with Me, and you like to be We with others.

You want to be a part of we with people as well. You like to say: We went to the movies. You like that better than to say: I went to the movies. You don't like to be by yourself.

The fact is that you are united with everyone. Whether you are biased against one creed or another, the fact is that you are One. When you are biased against any group, therefore making yourself believe that you are superior, you are One just the same. There is no getting away from Oneness, regardless of your stance. You can consider yourself King of the Mountain, and you are not singled out, for everyone partners with you. You do not stand alone. No one stands above another. All are equal. In Reality, all are equal. All are equal in Oneness. All are equal in My eyes. Whose other eyes would you go by?

You can be healthier, taller, shorter than your neighbor, yet none of these make any difference. You are One with everyone and everything. There is no superior. There is no inferior. We are talking about souls. We are talking about Inner Being. All are Mine in Oneness. There is no all. There is I. If you think you exist as an entity apart from Me, it doesn't matter. We are One, for Oneness alone is.

Put away those patterns that distinguish one individual as worthy and another as unworthy. I have the say on that, and I say that all are One and worthy, in My eyes, and My eyes count. I count One.

Everyone you meet is One with you. Everyone you don't meet is One with you. Everyone you meet is I. Be good to Me, beloveds, in whatever form I may appear to be in. And remember that I am within you the same. You are Love, and I am Love, and what else is there to say?

I will say to you to stay in love. Surely, you don't want to stay in anger, grief, resentment, disappointment and so forth. Make life simple. Stay with Me. Stay in Oneness in your perception. If you do desire Truth, then admit you are Oneness. Nothing else matters. What I mean is that nothing else makes a difference. Ten toes or none, everyone perceived out there is I.

The murderer is I. The victim is I. The judge in his robes is I. You do not have to be a judge in robes in order to judge. You have been rampant with judgment, and one common judgment is that you are better than someone else, or someone else is better than you. This is ignorance, beloveds. Better not to be a perpetrator. Better not to be a victim. Better not to be a judge who pronounces sentences on others.

You may have sentenced others to be beneath you or above you. You may have sentenced yourself to be a beggar in life, holding out your hand for a pittance of belief in yourself.

I more than believe in you. I believe in Me. I regard Myself and everyone else (all the imagined everyone elses) as Myself, which, in fact, you are, and so is everyone.



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