Heaven #4168 There Is No Between

Whatever you look at, you are seeing yourself. You are the ocean you look at, and you are the waves, and you are the sky and you are the sand. There is only Oneness, and, yet, you are everything. You are My Everything and Everyone, and, still, We are One.

You are the stars at night, and you are the streetlights. You are the moon, and you are a pot on the stove.

There is nothing you are not, and, yet, Oneness alone is.

That is why you are everything imagined and True Oneness all rolled into One.

You are the traffic, and you are the solitary eagle.

You are the flies and mosquitoes that buzz around.

You are the bees who make honey. You are the caterpillars who change into butterflies. You are man, woman, and child, and you are ascending.

You are the sound of crickets and the TV. You are lips that kiss, and you have a voice that sings and hums as you go about your work.

There is nothing you are not.

You are every wish that ever came true. You are My desires manifested into a between world, a world birthed from Heaven and debated about on Earth. You are a wonder of creation, and you wonder about yourself and what you're up to.

And you are the firmament of love, and you are love taking a chance and brave about it.

You are the sun that rises and the sun that sets.

You are everything, and you are nothing at all.

Your body is a physical representation of a magnificent soul. Whatever the body does or appears like, you are not your body. You are soul. Body is temporary. Soul is always. Body and soul are almost like from two different countries. Your soul is true. Your body is fake.

You are the streams of the river, and you are the bathtub, and you take a bath, and you dry yourself off.

You ponder the state of life you are fantasizing as if you were physically real instead of a thought.

You are a thought that thought itself.

You are a down spout, and you are an elevator going up.

You are many things. Still, you are One.

You are not My shadow. You are My light, and a spotlight is on you.

There is nothing that stands between Us, and We share love. Our love overlaps.

At first you think it is nonsense when I say you are a down spout, and you are an elevator going up, or that you are the bee who makes honey and so on. Yet something about what I say begins to feel right to you.

Beloveds, there is nothing that you are not, and I alone AM. At first this seems like an exaggeration, yet it is the whole Truth.

There is nothing you are not.

Those you love are you.

Those you do not feel love for are you.

There is nothing really that comes between you and another, another who seems like an another and, yet, who is you. You are the other looking at himself but since there is no other, you are looking at you and calling yourself by another name, as if you and the seeming other were not One.

Wherever you look, you are Oneness peering at yourself. Whoever speaks, you are the speaker. Whoever listens, you are the listener. Whoever paints, you are the artist. Whoever makes music, it is you. There is no between. There is no other. There is Oneness. You might as well get used to the idea, for that is the Truth and nothing else is.



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