Heaven #4188 The Key to Relationships

Hasten your heart to speak its language. Your heart's language is love. Languages are to be spoken. That is what they are for. Words are not the only language. Without words, love can be spoken very well.

You may be rusty in speaking the language of love. If your giving love has been squeaky, oil your love with practice. Practice the giving of love, and you will be a natural speaker. You will not know how to stop expressing love. It is natural to express love. Love is meant to be expressed. A cow gives milk. A heart gives love. Pump that heart of yours, and love will express itself.

If your language of love has been stored in the basement or in the attic, take it out now. Rub its joints. Massage it a little. Prime that pump. The time is now. The right time is now. The right time is not to be waited for. It is always a good time. It is always the right time for love.

If you were love, full love this moment, what would it be like? What would you be like?

If I announced you the King or Queen of Love, how would you begin? What would be the first law you would enact? Perhaps you would enact laws like these: No one is to go out the door without love. No one is to get out of bed in the morning without love. No one is to refute love.

Of course, all the laws in the world do not create love. The heart does. Love comes from the heart. Love comes from the mind as well. The mind can say to the heart: "Full steam ahead. Avast! Avast!."

The heart will answer: "I have long been awaiting a signal, and now it has come. Full steam ahead. Chug-a-chug we go."

Love has always wanted to be given its freedom. Love doesn't like to be held back. Love does not belong in chains. Love knows very well how to behave. Love is modest and just goes out on the town. It doesn't call attention to itself. It just does its thing. The heart is happy, and everyone the heart blesses is happy, and the whole world is happy because love came out.

Love was never meant to be held in reserve.

It has long been said that communication is the key to relationships. Yes, that's good, yet it is love that is to be communicated. Love shows up. Love is long-standing. Love can be felt, and love can be communicated. Sometimes love is communicated in silence. In silence does not mean that love is silent. Love is speaking wherever it is.

Now love is going to call out from the rooftops. Love is going to pronounce its name. Love is into love, not causes. Love proclaims itself. There is nothing but love to proclaim. There is no lack of love. There is lack of love expressed. There is lack of love thought of. There is lack of love felt.

How can it be that the mightiest power in the world is not shared profusely? How can it be that the greatest commodity in the world is not thrown to the winds for everyone? How is it that love cannot be rejoiced in as a daily event? It makes no sense for love to be withheld. What are you waiting for? Begin now. Just love and love and love and love some more.

Love is not new, yet love is always anew. There are refills of love abounding. Beloveds, there is nothing like love, and there is nothing else in the whole world but love. Even love withheld is love. But now, today, open the sluices of love in your heart. The dam has broken. Love pours out from your heart today, and love covers all the land with itself.


LauriLumby 31st May 2012 7:57 am

Perfect timing for the poem I wrote yesterday:

Walking on Eggshells
Copyright 2012 Lauri Lumby

Pounding on the door of my heart

Desperate in its wanting
To enfold you in all I have to give.

Free flowing
Without limit


I walk on eggshells
That you’ll say no.

Isn't it ultimately this fear of rejection that keeps us from being and sharing the fullness of the love that we are? I think so.

Lauri Lumby


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