Heavenletter #4554 The Children of God’s DNA

Of course, yes, you can think too much, and, yes, sometimes, you don’t think at all! What a combination of many patterns are the Children of My DNA.

Over-thinking is like kneading bread dough too much. There is a point of no return or a point of kneading that is not only non-productive but also counter-productive. Too much can be a minus.

It’s not that you can know ahead of time the perfect length of time to think on this or think on that. You may well not have to think at all or even give thought to thinking, for there is a Source within you that doesn’t need you to think. This resource within you gets along very well without intervention from you. Your conscious thought is not as needed as you may often think. This is not to advise you to be thoughtless, especially in regard to your role with others.

This special power you have is called by many names. It may be called insight, instinct, intuition, nature, natural. It may be waiting for an answer to come to you the way you might wait for a letter to arrive or a play to begin. It may be called following your nose or following a hunch. It may be called being led, or being given a sign, or an accident, or simply fate. From somewhere a direction comes, and all you have to do is to pick up the baton.

There is great value in listening and observing and knowing that something will stir you. You see or hear something, and it stirs something within you. The answer is always fully within you. You may not have to search for it. It may be more in the vein of letting a solution or direction voice itself.

We could compare this to finding a gold mine. You can dig everywhere for a gold mine, or you can come across it. Yet you want to be aware that you have come across it, whereas someone else may have missed the signs. Perhaps you missed the signs another time.

Clearly, it’s not that you lie in bed and wait for life to happen. You get up and out. You are not passive. You don’t wait for someone to build your house. At the same time, you don’t have to be an aggressor or build Rome in a day or wrench your home from the wilderness. You can know ahead of time that what you desire wants to come to you. Often when you struggle the least, answers come of their own accord.

Great inventions, by and large, did not come from force. They were stumbled upon. Men have found gold mines. They may not even have been looking for them. Good comes from work, and yet struggle is not better than discovery. A solution can come to you. Life can be easy. You don’t have to wrench what you are looking for.

Your heart has its mother lode within it. Your heart knows a lot, and it knows a lot on many levels. Remember your heart. Remember your heart can beat you to it, to whatever you are looking for and what you do not yet know you are looking for.

A configuration in the Universe gleans your desires from your thoughts, and then compiles a list. Then, as with a list, this configuration within the Universe goes shopping for you.

Sometimes gifts reach you in strange-looking packages, and yet you don’t want to be so quick to dismiss them. Your heart and eyes are meant to stay open. Advise your mind to leave doors open for unexpected opportunity. Keep many avenues open. All you desire may be waiting at a back door or hidden out of your sight, hidden out of your sight because you were looking for it to arrive a certain way even as it is already right in front of you in a different way. Wake up, Children of My DNA.



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