Heavenletter #4567 As You Are

Balance. Certainly, you have heard that it is good to be balanced. In terms of the world, it may mean dividing your time between work and play equitably. It may mean you are neither an introvert or an extrovert. It may mean a middle of line approach to life.

I like to say that it is good to be the human person that you are. What gives you joy? If work is your joy, work to the degree that you like to work. Who is it that says you are to apportion percentages of your life in some kind of harness? Who from the outside is to say where your joy lies?

The balance I suggest is that you are on an even keel whatever is going on in your life.

If you are someone who enjoys play more than anything else, I do not suggest that you be irresponsible. Sports figures play games and are working. How wonderful to be doing the work you most like whether it is bookkeeping or design or writing or cleaning house.

A table has to have certain proportions to be sturdy. Legs have to be of equal length. When it comes to people’s lives, there is freedom. A balanced life for you is not the same as a balanced life for another.

One who is an artist takes joy in sculpting or painting. A gardener takes joy in loving plants and taking care of them. Both artists and gardeners create beauty. Architects, engineers, carpenters the same. An accountant creates a certain kind of beauty as well, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick-maker. There is beauty in symmetry and beauty in the asymmetrical as well.

And so in life. Life does not have to be symmetrical to be wonderful, nor does an asymmetry have to be off-balance. Is someone who doesn’t know you supposed to set standards for your life? Do you consider that authors know more than you about your life and where your happiness lies? Do you imagine that anyone is more of an expert on your life than you are?

Enjoy as you enjoy. It is not for you to cut off your feet to fit the bed nor is it for you to alter your joy and direction in life at someone else’s say so.

Of course, at the same time, nor are you to rule out everything that is said. You are free to listen. You are even free to try out something different as you choose. The key words are: As you choose.

One person likes to travel. Another likes to stay home. Is one better than another? Where is it said that it is an error to follow your heart? Whatever you do, there is something you are not doing. Whatever paths you choose, there are paths you don’t choose.

Paths can change. Paths can stay the same.

One artist likes to stand up to paint. Another likes to sit down to paint. One loves pink. Another loves orange. One likes circles. Another prefers squares. One loves straight lines. Another loves wavy lines. One loves big strokes. Another prefers dots. Is there not room in the world for all to follow their hearts? Follow your own heart responsibly, and see where it takes you.

In the world, today, you may be one of the lucky ones who has the freedom to follow your heart. You are not in bondage.

There are those who are also lucky in a different way. They must earn a living this way or that, and their happiness is in doing what is right before them.

One may ask the question: “What do I want to do?” Another may ask the question: “What is before me to do?” One may ask: “What is my dharma?” Another may ask: “How do I serve today?”

One man’s dharma may be to serve. Another’s may be to make music. Music is also serving. Whatever you do, you are giving service. Happiness is yours to take, and happiness is yours to give.


shapeshifter 28th May 2013 10:11 am

Thanks, Gloria, for the great reminders.

betsy. 28th May 2013 4:19 pm

Thank you so much for this wonderful message, Gloria.

"A balanced life for you is not the same as a balanced life for another." Wow, so true! We're all so very different with different gifts, talents, interests and abilities. Wouldn't it be great if we could appreciate these differences more instead of trying to change ourselves & others? It seems to me that by appreciating the differences in others, I also have to accept and unconditionally love that I am different and unique and have sometimes 'weird' things to offer. LOL. It seems that until I can unconditionally love all parts of myself, it would be hard to offer the same to another. I find it so very hard to unconditionally love myself. I do feel it's the answer. Self-love opens so many wonderful things for a person. The world gets so much more beautiful; but, I still find it to be one of the most difficult things to do. I have to give a ton of credit to Meredith Murphy for teaching me about self-love and the importance of it. It truly has transformed me...still is. Thank you again, Gloria! Much love to you!!!


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