Heavenletter #5102 When You Miss a Train, Catch Another

Unto everything there is a solution. This doesn’t mean you have to be the solver. You do not have to wrack your brains for the solution. The solution is inherent in that which you see as a difficulty. With or without you, a solution appears. You may have only to nod your head. You don’t have to pounce on a solution. Odds are, there is more than one solution. Perhaps you have only to allow a solution.
This does not mean that every solution is the one you would like to claim.
You can desire a certain outcome, yet another outcome prevails. You are the one who decides that an outcome is good or bad. You do not know what life holds in store for you. An unwelcome outcome may turn into a treasure. The outcome you so fervently desire might not serve you well. Think not so much about right and wrong.
So, with life, sometimes it is hands off. You don’t have to win, as you see winning. Life has its own ideas. Sometimes you have to bow to life. Would life be so hard if you didn’t believe you have to fight it so much? You don’t have to resist life as much as you seem to think. Life is not such a problem as you may think it is.
Yes, desire, yet don’t always boss life around. Admit. You simply don’t know enough. You do not see that far ahead. The past is not to tell your fortune. Don’t go by it. We can say that from your view, life is a gamble. Indeed! If gambles were sure things, everyone would be wealthy. How much and for how long can you dispute life? Life will have its say.
There is also something to be said for never giving up. If you are an inventor, keep inventing. This is within your power. To keep on experimenting is within your realm. Outcomes are not always what you desire. Who said that outcomes have to be what your heart desires? How do you even know when it’s absolutely your heart or it is your ego at play?
Sometimes My children fight tooth and nail after the deed is done. The theme becomes: “This should not have happened.” Yet it did. There are times to let go. Sometimes letting go allows the very thing you desire to appear. This can happen too. If you have missed a train, beloveds, there is nothing to do but let go of it. Catch another train. You can give something all you’ve got, and even so, sometimes you have to let it go and not chase it.
Life is more about going for your desires than it is accomplishing them. A path does not have to lead you where you want. You don’t know where something may lead. You don’t have to know. Life is an ongoing activity. Loose your hold, and keep going. There is always opportunity. There are not usually foregone conclusions.  
Life is about finding out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Play the cards as they are handed to you. Sometimes, not always, you simply have to throw in your cards and walk away. This is part of the game. And sometimes you stay your hand.
Your life is not predicated on winning. Consider everything that befalls as a win. Consider the fact that you go for something as a win. Defeat is not the conclusion of you. Not winning does not mean losing. What occurs in life or does not occur in life is not the summation of you. It is not the last word.
There is nothing you have to prove. Look, enjoy the trip. Be glad you have life and all the choices life brings. There is nothing to lose. Losing is an idea. Let go of that idea.
Take on the idea that, with or without the results you seek, you are doing just fine.


Eyewitness 19th November 2014 5:46 pm

Im going to start letting go right now...


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