Heavenletter #5128 Rise to the Occasion

The opposites in the world have you by the scruff of the neck. The world may say:

“Be strong, yet be flexible. Have a heart, yet use your head. Be compassionate, yet don’t overdo it. Don’t be a spendthrift, and don’t pinch pennies. Work hard, yet not too hard. Are you courageous to take a stand, or are you holding on too tight? For Heaven’s sakes, when is it worthy to hold on, and when does it make sense to let go? When do you wait, and when do you act? Strike when the iron is hot, and haste makes waste. Take your choice.”

What is a body to do?

You tell yourself that all you want is a little clarity in life. You are called on to make decisions of all kinds and sizes, and there is a fifty/fifty chance that you’re mistaken. There could also be a 99.9% chance that you are right, think of that. Yet, here you are in a quandary. Who even knows that which you call right is really right or will continue to live out its day as right? There is no knowing. There is no knowing for sure, even when you think you’re sure. You live in a boat that is easy to tip over.

Beloveds, you want change, and you want stability too. You want to pick and choose what changes and what stays the same. You don’t want to upset the applecart. Life is the applecart. It upsets you.

One way or the other, life isn’t going to stay the same. You live with this every day.

You feel threatened by life. In one sense, you are at its mercy, yet, also, you may not make your own decisions. You may even see a storm coming, and you may not get in out of the rain. On the other hand, you may run from every wind that blows.

You know what? You debate with yourself a lot. You have a discourse, and that may be as far as you get until you have no choice. That’s even worse, you are sure, to have no choice. Then you may be faced with having to do what you decidedly don’t want to do, whatever it may be. If your house blows over, you are going to have to move. Sometimes situations in life don’t give you choices, for situations may make a clear decision you don’t want to make at all.

Beloveds, rise to the occasion. You can’t just dig yourself into life. You can’t pretend something away.

Regardless of situations, regardless of bankruptcy etc., when you actually get there, I’m telling you it’s not so bad as you thought it would be. I am not telling you it’s easy, yet you may well discover that you are still you, and you are still worthy of love and life and happiness. I don’t say the pursuit of happiness. I say to notice the happiness where you are. Very likely, if you noticed the happiness you have now, you would be feeling much happier.

You may feel threatened by life, yet sometimes you are threatening life in that you say: “See how bad it is for me? See how very unhappy I am? Well, Life, do something then. Life, change for the better.”

This is what life is doing, beloveds. It won’t let you stay in your comfort zone even when you are miserable there. It will kick you out. It will give you clarity. It will shake you until you look at what you don’t want to look at, but have to. It will give you clarity.

You are the one who lives your life, and you can live it better. You can. You have to. What does better mean? It can mean many things. It can mean you live more logically or that you live less logically. It will certainly mean that you tell yourself a different story. You are at the helm of your life. By default or by choice, you are at the helm of your life. The story you tell yourself signifies.




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