Heavenletter #5134 From a Common-Sense God

Remind yourself that the Sun is always shining. The Sun may not be right before you this minute, yet it is surely coming around. You are always to be Sunlight. This is Truth. You are always to be sunlight regardless of anything else.

You are on Earth for such a short time. Make hay while the Sun shines. You are the Sunshine. You are to brighten lives. You are to brighten your life.

I do not ask you to force anything. I ask you to look up and consider your place in the sun. You are not meant to be in the doldrums. If you cannot in all honesty be for yourself, then be for others. It is simply a good idea to be uplifting rather than fatalistic. Well, isn’t it? What is the good of propounding and circulating all that which is down-turning? Where does it get you, and what does it do for anyone else?

Your piece of the pie of the world may be difficult for you right now, yet you don’t have to make your presence difficult for others. Is it dishonest to smile through tears? While you’re here on Earth, isn’t it all right to get out of yourself and bless others with your presence? Frankly, an unhappy face is not an honest representation of your Truth. You must know that you are greater than what you may feel at any given moment. Of course, you can mope, yet to what end? Perhaps you feel you have every right to complain and that you deserve to complain. I am saying you deserve better than complaining, and so do the people around you.

Is it agreed that you are here on Earth for more than yourself?

Is it agreed that, if you fall into a pit, that it’s perfectly all right for you to climb out of the pit? In any case, why on Earth would you want to stay down? Where is the honor? What is the good of it?

When you are down in the dumps, get out of them. Feeling down is not meant to be a life sentence. There are get out of jail cards. They are free. If you find yourself in the doldrums, climb out.

Am I not a common sense God?

When you look down, you may miss something right in front of you. The bluebird of happiness could be right in front of you, and you are so down, you don’t look up.

Look up! The Sun is peeking over the horizon. Night is at an end. Night always does end. Wake with the Sun, beloveds, and give yourself a chance at having and giving happiness. There is no such thing as a limit on your happiness. Happiness does not always come from outside you. We all know that. There is a within you, and you have say of what goes on within you.

Within you is all the power of Heaven. You know you are more than your body, more than your circumstances, more than your thoughts, yet you have say over your thoughts. You can give dispensation to the world. You can pull the world down, and you can pull the world up. Which do you prefer?

The fact is that you do have choice. You may have dragged your feet around by habit and not choice. Make a choice now. It is your choice to make. Honestly, you don’t want to be a dark cloud when you can reveal the light of the Sun and the light of God and be true to yourself and your purpose on Earth and be a blessing on Earth and, all the while, be serving Me in your surrender. Surrender, beloveds. Surrender.



Peter fox 15th December 2014 1:05 pm

Lovely! Thank you.

debs go lightly 15th December 2014 4:06 pm

Thank you Gloria, thank you God, every single moment is a blessing in the light.


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