Heavenletter #5312 Fear Likes to Say “Boo!”

Have no fear. Be free from fear. This is not a new idea. What do you need fear for? Why put the shadow of fear over you? Why subject yourself to fear’s machinations? You must have had enough of fear by now. Fear’s time is up.

Fear is not chasing you. You are chasing fear, as if fear were an old friend who is dear to you. You keep on the look-out for fear. You are quick to welcome fear. You part the curtains for fear. No matter how uncomfortable you may feel about fear, you slap fear on the back and say, “Hey, come on in. I’ve been expecting you.”

Fear tightens your muscles and squeezes your digestion. Still, you sweep fear in as if fear held a fortune in glad tidings for you. I, God, am far more than an opposite to fear. I am beyond fear. Fear is a trifle next to Me. Choose Me over fear any day. How faithful you may be to fear and uncertain about Me. The world is, indeed, upside down.

Fear’s time is over. Fearless is not the same as careless. Fearless and careless are two different things. Dauntless doesn’t mean that you don’t look where you are going. It doesn’t mean you are foolish. If it is the cold of winter, you put on your coat when you go out. If what you are eating tastes spoiled, you don’t eat it. At the same time, it is not for you to embrace fear.

You can do nicely without fear. Fear will make you a nervous wreck if you allow it to invade your life. Fear will take over. Fear is a bully who pushes his way in. Don’t let fear bully you. Fear has no right to stick his foot in your door, preventing you from closing it. You don’t have to give invasive fear the time of day.

Who said you can’t scare fear away? Stand tall. Stand straight. I tell you there is to be no room in your heart for fear. Fear can go away. Don’t let fear gain entry to you. It is not for you to be fearful. You have already accommodated fear too much.

It is not that I ask you to be brave. Fear is nothing but a scavenger. You don’t have to be brave. Fear is simply not to be feared. Fear likes to say, “Boo.” Fear can like all it wants, and you can let go of being scared by a ne'er-do-well like fear. Fear walks into a room with a swagger. Look fear in the eye, and then turn your back on fear. You don’t have to be polite to fear. Fear lacks subtlety. Fear gloats too much to be offended.

I give you permission to stamp your foot at fear. Give fear the boot. Kick fear out. Fear does not belong with you. Fear is not your comrade-at-arms.

Fear is a thief. He steals joy away from you.

Fear smirks at your discomfort. He cheers himself on and doesn’t give a hoot about you. He likes to leave you trembling in your boots. Fear inserts himself into almost every waking moment, and even into your sleep. You tremble. Fear chuckles. Fear is not harmless. Fear is malicious. Fear would like to drown you in fear.

Fear is on a ravage. Fear is a collector of My children’s hearts. He stamps on them. He is proud of the mischief he causes. Fear may wink, yet fear is worse than a mischief-maker. There is no good use for fear. Fear does not ward off anything from you but confidence.

Say Goodbye to fear once and for all. Fear will try to keep sneaking in under a guise or two. Sometimes fear calls himself worry. What a spoilsport fear under any name is.

Stand before this illusion of fear. Say:

“Be gone, fear, in God’s Name, disappear. You are banished from the face of the Earth. You are ousted. You are out of my life. Do not show up again. Do not even think of it. Be gone. In God’s Name, let me be.”



Deeni 12th June 2015 3:02 pm

Thank You, Gloria.

Thank You, God.

Bye Bye now fear!

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )


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