Heavenletter #5329 All That Which Is Beyond Thought

Thoughts are throw-a-ways. This is the nature of thoughts – here today, gone tomorrow. There is no saving or filing away all the thoughts you run through even in one afternoon.

In fact, you may have a thought so rich that you run to write it down. Before you reach your pen and paper or computer or shopping list, the thought has fled. It ran away without you, yet, where did it go? Where and what the thought is now? You have no idea. It already flew away, and, for the life of you, you can’t seem to bring it back. Of course, it could pop back into your mind at an unknown moment, and you may see that a thought is only a thought and not the great revelation you thought it was and perhaps is. Anyway, you have lost that thought now.

In one sense, We could say that your thoughts ARE the life you live. We could say then that your thoughts are as fleeting as life itself. You simply cannot hold on to your thoughts any more than you can hold onto time. Or, if you hold onto a thought, you have subdued it. You may have broken it down, and then your thought is like a bird on the wing caught and put into a cage and the little door of the cage closed. Whereas it makes sense to say that your life is made of your thoughts, this is not the whole story of your life. Your life also consists of All That Which Is Beyond Thought.

Your thoughts most certainly play a part in life, yet your life is much more than what your thoughts make of it. Let Us say that thoughts are one chapter of your book. When you have read one chapter of a book, you haven’t read the whole story yet. You like to think you know all of it, however. Even if you skip ahead to the end, you perhaps know the beginning and the end. This is what you think, and sometimes your thinking is amiss.

How connected to thoughts are memories? You can even ask yourself, which came first? Thought or memory? Does this seem farfetched?

Remember, dear ones, memory is contained in your DNA. DNA is memory propelled to the forefront. When you read a Word of Mine and it rings a bell, how is it you recognize this thought as true? Does the word recognize mean to see again, to re-cog-nize? To know something from the past once again? How do you know that something rings true to you? And how do you know when something rings false? Sometimes you just know. You may really know.

Could it be that your intuition is also of the past from which unconscious thoughts find their way to you? Life in the world is very subjective. Are clues planted in your life as you know your life? Certainly, thoughts can go beyond language, and you can be beyond language, deeper than language as well as above language.

And, certainly, there is plenty to think of life beyond the language you translate your thoughts into. Beyond language and its grammar and its tenses lies your heart. Sometimes your heart seems inscrutable, and sometimes your heart is so close to its Source that there can be no doubt. Your heart can wake you up. Your heart can burst through walls. Your heart can speed up or slow down. Your heart can be quiet. Your heart can be silent and yet deliver messages to you in its silence.
And now, what are We wondering, and what are We thinking about, and what is the meaning of it, and why do you think so much?


cyndy 3rd July 2015 7:30 am

Freeing the mind (which sometimes felt like I was losing my mind) and sensing/feeling my way into/through this new world, new dimension, new human experience is truly an experience beyond belief.


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