Heavenletter #5389 The Keeper of Truth

What are the accumulated understandings I give to you again and again?

I say to let go of the past and past ideas. I say to open your heart. I say to be true to yourself - to be Who You Are, and so create joy and uplift the world. You are My heartfelt gift to the world.

Let’s review these concepts: Abandon the past. Open your heart the way the Sun greets the day. Be true to yourself. Be Who you are without fancy foot-work. Be your own counsel. To create is to recreate yourself and be new however long you shall live. There is another request. What is it? It will come back to Me later. Watch for it.

Be generous with all those you call others, for they are your very Self. Truth is far more than information. You already have more information than you know what to do with.

You can memorize information the way you would memorize poetry, and the vibration/consciousness/deep meaning may soak into you and reverberate within you.

When you first hear to be generous, when it is a new thought in your mind, and when it sparks an insight in your mind, you may think: “I didn’t know this. Now I get it. Yes, there has been an insight, and I realize the outreach of generosity.”

Now you think of generosity as a good thing, yet you may not have not fully realized this Truth. If you still have to ponder generosity, you have not yet realized it.

That your mind now grasps generosity as something favorable doesn’t yet mean that you automatically dip into this great reservoir within you. Old habits run deep.

Being generous doesn’t have to be something you decide, even as at the same time awareness of generosity doesn’t always mean that you overlook yourself nor does it mean that you are a better person to overlook yourself. Being generous isn’t all that much about you or about you even as a concept.

Your mind can certainly stick to the right words somewhere within, yet generally speaking, it is your heart that is the Keeper of Truth from where it can be absorbed into your Being and you actually live it, just the way when you’re thirsty, you take a glass of water. You don’t ponder it. You don’t have a sign in front of you that says:

“When you are thirsty, remember to take a glass of water.”

A desire to be generous also rises when it is called for.

Of course, sometimes it helps to remember to be generous. Yet your Being isn’t exactly something you remember. You are Being. You are IT. Better than reminding yourself about generosity, generosity will simply start flowing from you as naturally as a mountain stream. Well, okay, yes, if you need to be reminded, you need to be reminded. That’s fine.

The day will come when generosity, without reminders, without thought, becomes a natural flowing of your honest heart, the same way laughter comes. You do not laugh on demand. Laughter just naturally comes. Feeling generous just naturally comes.

Generosity becomes a way of being, and it is natural and pleasant. Generosity just naturally comes as your consciousness grows. Generosity arises on its own steam. It is not debated. It comes without being bidden. It comes because your heart simply desires to go this way and not another. Your heart may not even be aware of feeling generous because this is what your heart wants to do, the same way you open a window when you want a breeze.

To be ungenerous would be to suffocate a natural impulse within yourself. To be ungenerous would be to sing a wrong note. To be ungenerous would be to suppress yourself.

To be generous is to do what you want to do.

Oh, yes, of course, it was love that I forgot to mention above.


LordJesusChrist 27th August 2015 1:00 am

The Good Force be with you!

Nice posts, Gloria! Thanks for sharing & keep it up!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen!
:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:

spiritdiver 27th August 2015 9:07 am

Beautiful message! Let me Be who God made me to be.

Thank you. :smitten:


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