Heavenletter #5423 Touch Base with Your Desires,

This is how life is meant to be: Easy.

Have even the slightest desire, and the next thing you know, your desire fulfilled appears right before you. Just know that all is taken care of. Touch base with a mild desire, and then you let go of the desire. Let go of it. Let go of it nice and easy, and this is how it comes to you.

Let’s clarify, however, before you loll around in a hammock waiting to have your desire served to you. If you want a college education, get out there, apply, and, once accepted, study. Perhaps if you are a great athlete, a college will come after you. Regardless, you make tracks.

At the same time as you take responsibility for your life, you are easy with it. Studying can be easy. Understanding can be easy.

When you focus on life’s being difficult, what are you expecting?

Letting go doesn’t mean letting go of responsibility. Worry and fear are not the same as responsibility. They are irresponsible. Let go of them.

In everything you think and do, you are going in a direction. You make motions. You take one kind of book out of the library and not another.

Everything that occurs is not by dint of your hard work. I will go as far as to say: You attract the fulfillment of your desires to you, yet there is also a larger view, and that is that there is always a Higher Power at work. You have that Higher Power at your service.

The fine point here is that that you go in a direction that makes it easy for Me to serve your desires. How about that!

We are not talking about a decision that I, God, seen as separate from you, make. I do not decide to help you or not help you. Your way of thinking and your way of living pave the way for your life. We could say you send signals to Me. You do not yell in a loud voice. Nor do you tiptoe around. You send Me clear messages. You clear the path. You make way for Me.

If you desire to be an opera singer, it’s unlikely that it will be up to Me to make you an opera singer just like that. And so you sing. And if you desire to be a writer, you write. Embrace what you desire. Desiring is not meant to be a strain. So you apply yourself, and you enjoy what you are working toward.

You know that there is more here than personal credit to you. You are the receiver. All is given to you. Even as you also give your whole life to what you receive, you are a receiver.

With something like Godwriting, it is clear that you are receiving it. It is delivered to you. It is not yours. You are an instrument that receives. All miracles that you see happening in your life are delivered to you.

When I say to you that everything is a gift to you, you might say: “Yeah, sure, what about a headache, God?”

You would swear that you did not invite a headache, yet, within the oak tree is the seed. Life may seem random yet not so random as you like to think. There is something worthwhile at work whether you see it or not. Nor is it valuable to wrack your brain as to how you might have merited what is seen as a difficulty. There is a whole lot of analyzing in the world.

I have an expression you may have noticed. It is: “So be it.” And that’s an expression for My children to use as well. It is not a passive statement.

Let Me hear you say: “So be it that I am at the juncture of life I am presently in. So be it, what I do next depends upon me. God succors me, yet I embrace God. I meet God at least half way."

For this moment you accept. And then you take it from here. You accept, yet you are not a bump on a log. Keep your eye on what you are going for. Go forward. No wasting time on whys and wherefores. Just move on. Come closer to your Self.


Deeni 29th September 2015 1:22 pm

Thank You, Gloria.

Thank You, God.

So Be It!

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

keryndawer 30th September 2015 12:46 am

Lovely Gloria. Thank you. This is a concept I have just recently started to appreciate and "get." I'm learning how to stay out of struggle or want or need or any belief that I have "problems" because that takes me out of my Heart and puts me into my head where I think I need to "solve" these problems. That stops my easy Flow with All That Is and disconnects me from God. When I accept everything exactly as it is, I am able to be Present in the Moment where All is Well and I Flow with Spirit.

Beautiful :smitten:

Keryn xo


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