Heavenletter #5442 God's Love Dancing

You wonder sometimes if Love, after all, is no more nor no less than Beauty. All the world needs is Beauty. What if you could really see everyone as beautiful, even the ungainly, even the shy and the bold, and, still, you see everyone as beautiful? As stars fill the sky, your heart is rampantly filled with Beauty.

What is recognition of Beauty but Love? What are Beauty, Love, Grace, Oneness, Joy, Light, etc. but My Love, My Love dancing, My Love marching down the aisles of Life? What is My Love but My Heart dancing and dancing because My Love cannot be stilled?

Who in his right mind would consider holding Love in, even keeping a drop of Love in, even catching it in the palm of a hand and forgetting to give it away? Who in his right mind would put Love on the mantle, display it up there to be admired from a distance? Who in his right mind would toss Love away rather than spend it? Who in his right mind would feel proud of himself for keeping Love away from anyone?

Who would not be glad to give out Love so high that it reaches everyone regardless of anything? Who in his right mind would spin anywhere else but in Love, Love for Me and Love for you? The Ones who love love themselves. They love themselves so much that Love overfills chalices, and Love spills everywhere.

No one is without Love. No one is denied it. No one refuses it. No one forgets where his Love is. No one runs out of it. No one hangs on to it. No one hangs Love on the line to dry. No one puts Love in a chest with mothballs. No one is ignorant of his full share of Love, for All Love Is One.

Love is not packaged. It is not wrapped even in silk. Love is right out there where it can be seen and adored.

No one is to blush at Love. No one refunds it. No one hides it. No one puts love aside. No one questions it, for where Love is, there is Vastness. Love is vast. Like life, there is no beginning or end to Love. Love is not discovered. It is not tripped over. Love is absorbed, and Love is radiated from every heart, and Love radiates brightly. Love is light, and Love and Light are here to stay. There are no run-arounds with Love.

Love never comes up short. Love is never self-conscious, for Love isn’t thinking of Itself, yet Love never forgets Itself. Love is Its own Self which means that Love is Everyone’s. Everyone has all of Love, not simply a portion, but All of Love. Love envelops Itself, and Love pours Itself out.

Love is the Brightest Diamond and the Softest Pearl. Love is splashed on everyone like water from a fire hydrant or water from a Crystal Lake or water from the Moonlit Sky.

Love is not supposed to look this way or that way. Who cares what Love looks like? Love is not perfectly apportioned according to this or that, yet Love is perfectly apportioned. Everyone has All of It, All of Love. No one only has a piece of Love. Love is never cut or chopped or rationed. Love is breathed in, and Love is breathed out.

Love is never put into a cupboard, and yet the Cupboard of Love is always full and fresh and buoyant. Love is to behold, and Love is to hold, and Love is to give away as if the Ocean of Love can never run dry, for, of course, the Ocean of Love is Infinite and All the Love in the World, and All the Love in the World is poured upon you, and you have more and more Love to give out to the thirsty world.

Come, let’s love and know nothing but Love.


Peter fox 19th October 2015 8:03 am

Beautiful and so simple- Thank you!


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