Heavenletter #5482 What Is Life Supposed to Be Anyway?

You know, it is fine to sort things out in your mind, yet you also have to know that everything in life is not here for you to organize. Life isn’t accounting that follows a certain format. Life isn't like that. The way Life plays out is how it’s supposed to play out. You are part of a plan bigger than you imagine.

Life in the world does not usually follow a straight line. Life in the world more often than not goes every which way, and you don’t know what this Life is going to give you until it has cast itself before you.

Life isn’t as predictable as you might like. But, hey, that’s life. Life isn’t rigid nor must you be. Life is to accept. You are to get up and move right along. This is Life.

Today may well not present the weather you favor. It may be too hot for you, too cold, too many puddles or too dry. Mostly, you have the weather you have, and you do just fine in the weather whatever it may be. The weather is what it is. The weather is not meant to disconcert you or ruin your day.

We know that Life can startle you in unexpected ways. You are in a state of shock, yet, what is there for you to do but to keep chugging along? The fact that a train is derailed doesn't mean you have to be. Whatever happens in your Life, you still have Life. It may not be the Life you had yesterday, yet, nevertheless, you have Life.

Life is not always what you want it to be, yet this is no great surprise, is it? Why would My children think that life has to be hunky-dory according to their particular desire and impression at any given moment?

You may see your Life as imperfect. Why does your life have to be perfect according to your wishes? Nor does Life have to be so rigorous as you may see it. Life may give you days that soak up all your energy, ravage your heart, leave you mourning. By and by, hearts mend. There are joys you can't replace or rewind to what once they were. It’s all right for your heart to mend. You will improvise your life and find other blessings. You can be easy-going. You can be happy in new ways.

Now listen to this: You don’t have to be deliriously happy every moment, yet, without exception, while you are alive on Earth, you do receive many blessings. Notice them. What if you could accept Life as it comes, would you be demolished by Life? What is Life supposed to be? Life isn’t always a feast served at a fancy hotel.

You know, you don’t have to ride in a Mercedes. You don’t even have to ride in a car. You can walk and find pleasure as well. Nothing in Life in the World has to be exactly as you would like it to be, yet this doesn’t mean that you have to object when Life doesn’t have a new paint job.

I will tell you something. Life isn’t a game you have to win. Life is a game you play and give your heart to and derive much from. Life is not like the stock market that you mandate as having to go higher and higher without fail.

When it comes to you, you have to accommodate each day regardless of what color coat the day wears. There is such a thing as your growing higher and higher every day, and you gain the wisdom means taking Life just as it comes to you. Yes, Life is not a given. It is a gift.



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