Heavenletter #5514 Behold Life on Earth in a New Light

Much of relative life in the world may seem to be no more than banter and running around, perhaps a mass jitterbug kind of dance all like traffic. There may be a place you have to be, and something you have to do. It is all banter, yet you have to be there, and you don’t want to be late. It is important that you have to be at a certain spot, and you have to be there by the clock. Ah, the immediate urgings of time and place.

You are obliged to answer to the immediacy of time and place that certainly exist for you as real, yet the physical is not real. All the ideas and performance of somewhere and some time are illusion. They seem to enter your life as they are on their way out.

Life seems to be lived in teaspoons of rationed time and space on Earth. There is hurry hurry, and there is slow down, slow down. Your body, which is not the Truth of you, lives in a penthouse or in a basement as if a building or a tent or under the trees is the extent of where you live.

Yet you can consider the same life as unbounded. There certainly is more than meets the eye or reaches your hearing. As it happens, not all of life as it appears is to your taste.

To your taste or not, your life is how you feel about it. Your day, an increment of your life, can elicit from you: “What a beautiful day!” or your life can elicit from you: “What now? How will I ever get through this day.”

What you take from life is what you make of it.

Someone lives on the beach and is happy. Someone else lives in a 5-star hotel and is unhappy. All the possible variations of like and dislike surround you.

Time and place and public opinion do sway and occupy you. It is even possible that you have chosen stress to fill your life. You may love to berate about life on and on and backwards and forwards.

There is much more to life than the circumstances you plop yourself into. There is much more to life than what you see as going on. There is life beyond the pale. There is an over the rainbow.

On the tray of life, there are many flavors before you. What are you looking for and what do you expect? Have a broader vision, and you may well have a greater variety of condiments on your tray of life to taste.

Many-petalled are the flowers you have My God-given authority to pick.

Write your own menu in the Restaurant of Life. Conjure the menu offered you. If life is all apparition anyway, and it is, have an apparition of life that you want to have and look forward to.

You may say that you are a realist, and you don’t want to fool yourself. Beloved, I am saying that you have been fooling yourself. Behold your life on Earth in a New Light.

Renovate Life on Earth. Choose what you would like, and then give it non-existent space to reach you. Choose the chapters you read. Contribute to your life and the lives of others who are, after all, paddling in the same boat of life you’re in.

Happiness is meant to be yours, yet not necessarily frivolity or everything you desire all at once and as easy as pie. There is a whole gamut of Life on Earth to choose from, yet you are the one to choose. Your main choice is to choose what to make of the life that appears before you even when it isn’t what you dream of.

Life is passing before you anyway. In the myth of time, there is always a new life on tap coming up and moving right along. Get on. Catch up to life.




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