Heavenletter #5744 Service

Certainly, ego can motivate you toward success. At the same time, great ego does not make you great. Great results are nice, very nice, very wanted and very welcome, yet results do not sustain you. All the success in the world does not sustain you. All the money in the world is nice, very nice, very welcome, and yet, as you have heard, you can't buy happiness with it. Success is not an external matter.

Just as the secret of happiness as well as unhappiness lies within, the same secret goes for success, of course, regardless of what you say qualifies you for success.

By no means do I say you are to scoff at success. Success is worthy. All kinds of success are worthy. Be wealthy. Be a movie star. Write a great novel. Be famous. Invent something wonderful for mankind.

However, sooner or later, success in the world wears out. It's not everlasting. It just isn't enough for you. Even if the world bows down to you, it's here today and gone tomorrow. Let love over ego motivate you.

There is no being the fairest of all as the queen in a fairy tale wanted to hear every day. That's ego. Sooner or later, ego lets you down. That's the nature of ego.

Have fun with fame, success, rolling in dough, etc., yet keep your wits about you. Don't let world success go to your head.

Oh, yes, the world tends to see you as more important with world success than how it saw you before your success. Still, the idea of importance is only an idea. Your importance goes deeper than what the world calls success. What the world tends to call success is a drop in the bucket. It isn't enough to sustain you.

Success is not everything. It could be said that success is nothing at all.

Nevertheless, go for success and keep your feet on the ground.

Let Me tell you were successful in arriving on Earth. You were born to it. You were born to live on Earth. You were born to Life in the world. Everyone who was ever here on Earth was born to Earth. You started out on Earth important to Me. You leave Earth important to Me. It is important to Me that you find peace and love on Earth, peace in your heart and love in your heart. This is success.

Think of success not so much as making you a kingpin. Think of making yourself of service to the world. What service is for you to give that fills your heart?

You serve Me and the Universe, and so you serve. Compose beautiful music. Be the great actress of the century. Do this in service. Know that an academy award does not make you more. With or without medals, you serve. Enjoy recognition of success, yet don't be swayed by it. Success is not the making of you. I am the making of you. There is more to you than the eye can see.

See with your heart. See through My eyes entwined with yours. See from the depths of your heart. See from the heights of your heart. See. Be. See. Be.

Regardless of outer appearance, you are important. Regardless of status, you are important. You are tremendously important. It is you who needs to grasp your importance. The world is not under any obligation to.

It is a good idea to love the world and everyone in it. Ultimately, your gift to give is love. Come, look through My eyes, and see the importance you are to Me. It was ever so. You are My Divinity.




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