Heavenletter #5767 Slow Down

With one eye, you see how much you are needed. With the other eye, you see the futility of running a race to excel or to even simply catch up as if you are here on Earth to solve all the difficulties in the world. Is it really necessary to focus on the difficulties as if they would become extinct without your supervision? Are problems the hobby of your life?

Getting caught up has the connotation of making strides and getting ahead of life. Getting caught up may also have the connotation of getting over-involved. Naturally, you want to make progress. Sometimes it is like you want to live life ahead of time. It would seem that life gets ahead of you, and you can't keep up let alone get ahead. If you did get ahead, what would preoccupy you then?

This is a two-pronged difficulty you find yourself caught in.

Know this and remember this: You serve best in peace.

When you step into a pitfall, step out of it. Rise above what you consider barricades to free-flow in Life on Earth. It is not so much that you must solve difficulties as it is for you to rise to a higher perspective. Get out of difficulties in order to see what is going on.

You have a higher purpose in life than to discover difficulties. Keep on trying to solve difficulties, and you preoccupy yourself with difficulties. This way you are shuffling difficulties the way you might shuffle cards. You are in the midst of shuffling cards instead of playing a game of cards.

Kindly step out of difficulties. Look from a different angle. Solutions are not best found in analyzing all the difficulties. Jump to a higher level. Go to a wider perspective.

Why oh why make difficulties uppermost in your mind? It is not for you to circulate difficulties and make sure that everyone knows about them as if this is somehow a feather in your cap. This doesn't make you a hero.

Have confidence in your ability to come shining through. Have confidence. See further than what is right before you.

In a nursery-rhyme, Henny Penny exclaims to all who will hear: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling." She sounds off an alarm. Why does Henny Penny think the sky is falling? Because an acorn fell on her head.

Difficulties seem like emergencies. You pounce on them. Oh, wow, an emergency. Pretty soon, you are surrounded with emergencies, one emergency outdoing another. Here an emergency, there an emergency, emergency emergency everywhere. Then emergencies become crises.

Change your mind-set, beloveds.

You are not a gossip-monger of difficulties. Never are you meant to be a proponent of worst scenarios. Did you really think you were?

Be an inspirer. Climb ahead. Climb above. You are to raise your sights. You are to see in a new way.

You are here on Earth to lift the world. Focus a cut-above. Stop looking for difficulties and finding them. Climb higher and see better. See the horizons before you. See vaster. Perhaps a cure doesn't come from figuring out but by seeing anew.

Beloved sons and daughters, from a greater height, you naturally see higher.

Enough said.


Meardis Wells 23rd September 2016 10:50 am

Thank you thank you thank you - the energy of "contentment" is where I wanna be :)


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