Heavenletter #5855 Life on Earth Is Not about Certainty

It is definitely not a good idea to spend your life feeling sorry for yourself. By the same token, it is not a good idea to spend your life pitying anyone either. Feeling pity isn't good for you to send out any more than pity is good for you to receive. Feeling pity isn't an achievement. It's more like a dismissal.

Of course, naturally, this isn't to say you are to be hardhearted. Being firm is not the same as being severe. You do not always have to be the good cop. There is plenty of merit in the world for directness. Do not mistake directness for unkindness. You are not meant to be a sob sister in life.

Beloveds, what you see as someone's lot in life may well not be the way the person sees his own life. You know, be careful about making any kind of pronouncements about your life or another's. What you say may ring a bell of finality. Do not settle someone's life, nor settle for the world's distinctions of your life as if what the world says is your template to go by. Don't take a blotch on the surface of your life or anyone's life as the summation of the Life Itself.

Outer appearances are not a model to go by. This is why it is said, when someone appears at your door, be gracious, for the seeming beggar could be a Sainted Being. Have you not dismissed people in your heart because of their outer appearance? Opportunity isn't something you want to miss.

On the other hand, We can take the opposite of what I just said. For instance, a con artist does not appear as a con artist. Part of his being a con artist is to fool you. Of course, it is always you who fools yourself, you understand.

Dreams do come true. However, every dream that steps up to you may not be your dream come true. And, of course, when you are not looking for it, your True Dream may appear. There is no certainty one way or the other. Life is not about certainty.

Enjoy whoever knocks at your door. Be gracious and courteous. Whatever qualities you may disdain, you don’t have to go by them.

Life is simpler than you see it. If life gets complicated, is it you who may be complicating it. Who is misled, and who is misleading?

It is not My Desire that you wear a costume. Make Yes mean Yes. And No mean No. Do not be crafty. Do not outsmart yourself. Do not lead someone on, and don't lead yourself on. Be honest. There is no gain in pretense to anyone, not gain to you nor to another.

When you walk on rough terrain, step firmly. Don’t dance around on rough terrain as if you were a ballerina, nor are you to be excessively tentative. You are looking for balance.

Love is Infinite, yet you don't have to give away your Truth for an illusion of Love. Pretense isn't your goal. Fake is fake whatever colors it is under. Allow your heart to love all. You can also love – shall We say – impersonally. Love does not have to be an investment. Love does not require a payback, and you don't have to have a return. You also don't have to ask of yourself anything when you don't feel the Truth of it.

Your love can be discreet. You don't have to blather your love for all comers. You don't have to act as if you love when this is not the Truth of Your Heart. Be true to yourselves, beloveds.

I encourage you to have an open heart to all, and, yet, enough can be enough. Remind yourself that love is not a commodity in the marketplace. Love is not a barter. Love is not an expense you must pay.

Love is free, yet love doesn't have to be all over the place. Value your love. Love and respect yourself, and you will love and respect others.

Anyway, there are no others. You and others are One and the Same.


keryndawer 7th December 2016 11:13 am

Thank you Gloria for bringing us this message from God. It really helped me get clarity, and courage, regarding how to proceed in a current situation. Your channels and messages are always wonderful and resonate Truth. Blessings of Gratitude to you both :smitten:


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